10 YouTube Shorts Ideas to Boost Your Reach

Boost your reach with these 10 YouTube Shorts ideas

If you’ve found yourself scrolling through YouTube recently, you likely would have seen short, vertical videos popping up in your feed. YouTube Shorts are the platform’s answer to the growing popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels, allowing users to create and upload short videos that are 60 seconds or less. 

Since launching globally in 2021, YouTube Shorts has grown 135% year on year to now reach more than 1.5 billion monthly users. With more than 50 billion daily Shorts video views, the demand for new Shorts content is currently outpacing the number of videos being uploaded to the platform. 

Right now, brands and creators have a unique opportunity to act fast, embrace the Shorts format and be an early adopter of the platform (giving you the opportunity to cut through and expand your reach before competition spikes). 

There are endless ways to harness Shorts to grow your audience and show up consistently on social media, from repurposing long-form content into bite-sized Shorts to resharing clips from live streams and even tapping into new trending sounds and video formats.

Looking for fresh, high-performing Shorts content ideas to speed up your audience growth on YouTube? Here are ten short-form video content ideas that are sure to get your creative juices flowing and help grow your channel. 



Idea 1. Lean into user-generated content with reviews

When it comes to investing our time and money, we all want a little guidance. That’s why reviews prove so popular on the platform – whether it’s a book you love, a restaurant, a wellness product, or the latest film, helping others decide what to do or try makes for engaging content. 

Go a step further with your reviews by leaning into user-generated content (UGC). The stats tell us that UGC is 50% more trustworthy than any other type of content. It makes sense: potential customers want to hear the raw, unfiltered opinions of past shoppers before making a purchase. 

So, why not give your real-world customers a platform to share their reviews with your audience through YouTube Shorts? Tap into the Short’s new Collab feature, which allows you to remix Shorts from other creators in a side-by-side format. 

Source a review or unboxing video from a customer, remix and Collab with their video and share this as a new Short to your channel. It will instantly boost your brand’s credibility and allow you to tap into this creator’s audience to organically expand your reach

Idea 2. Get creative with a before and after

With the ease of editing tools available on YouTube, before and after videos present a great option for those wanting to illustrate a noteworthy transition. Whether it’s a transformative renovation project or the evolution of your brand’s packaging, YouTube Shorts gives you an engaging way to showcase your brand’s impact or milestone moments in your business. 


Hot tip: make use of the new interactive stickers available on Shorts (such as the Question box sticker) to get your viewers to weigh in and share their feedback about this before and after. 

The more engagement your Shorts receive, the more likely the YouTube algorithm will prioritize your content in the Shorts feeds. Hello organic visibility and expanded reach!

Idea 3. Show your personality with an outfit of the day video

When it comes to high-performing short-form videos, those that do well engage viewers with genuine and relatable content. 

An outfit of the day video isn’t just quick to film, it also allows you to show off your personality and sense of style. Whether it’s for an event, a work meeting, or a typical day in the life, build rapport and trust with your audience through this behind-the-scenes style content. 

Hot tip: this content idea is perfect for fashion or accessories brands! It allows you to educate your audience about how to style your latest pieces in a way that’s engaging, authentic and non-salesy. 

Idea 4. Jump on a trend or embrace a challenge

In 2021, K-pop group BTS partnered with YouTube to create the Permission to Dance Challenge, inviting audiences around the world to record and share a 15-second version of their hit song. It was a viral hit, helping creators score thousands of new eyeballs on their content.

You don’t have to get behind a dance video, but any trend allows you to stay current and capitalize on topical content opportunities while also improving your chances of going viral. Consider also taking a viral sound and using it as the background track for your own video. 

The key to finding success with trends and challenges? Get in early! The sooner you jump on an emerging trend, the more likely you’ll be to gain traction and expand your reach on YouTube Shorts. 

Idea 5. Cater to your niche with an unexpected hack

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that anything that makes life easier is something to be celebrated. If you’ve got advice to share, chances are people will want to hear it. So, it’s time to tap into the growth potential of educational content on YouTube Shorts!

Consider who your target audience is and what they’re looking for. Once you’ve identified their pain points, its time to position your brand as a thought leader with an unexpected, out-of-the-box tip, trick or hack. 

The key to gaining visibility through hack-style content is this: be original and creative with your execution. Stack with a compelling hook (such as provocative question or statement), harness a trending audio and keep your transitions dynamic and punchy to hold attention until the very last second. 

Idea 6. Demonstrate expertise with a how-to video

As a business owner or content creator, you have a skill or expertise in a certain area. Bring that knowledge to your audience with a YouTube Shorts video demonstrating your expert status in an engaging how-to style video. 

Whether it’s getting better at public speaking, mastering your finances, or using the correct form in the gym, compile your best tips and put them into a bite-sized mobile-first video.

What makes how-to videos such as winner on Shorts is their shareability. These short, instructional videos are highly shareable, meaning your viewers are likely to send them to friends and family members (helping you boost your reach without having to pay a cent on ads!).

Idea 7. Repurpose long-form content into teaser videos

The podcast market is a saturated one, and it can be hard to cut through the noise. YouTube Shorts is great as it allows you to repurpose long-form content you already have and clip it into shorter, more accessible videos that might then entice viewers to watch the full episode. 

In fact, YouTube is the only platform that offers both long-form and short-form videos in one place. This gives you a huge advantage: you can share the best moment from your next podcast recording as a teaser video on Shorts and then inspire them to watch the full episode (all without leaving the YouTube app!). 

Idea 8. Spread the word with a product reveal

If you’re a business owner looking to launch a new product, YouTube Shorts are a great way to promote your products while attracting new customers. With millions of users scrolling YouTube each day, consider revealing a new product with an unboxing or highlighting key features and how they work. 

Whether it’s jewelry, an app with online features, a new clothing collection, YouTube Shorts provides a platform to showcase current inventory in a fresh, exciting way that will help spread the word.  

Hot tip: Why not go Live and broadcast a live try-on haul or unboxing to promote your new offering? Live videos now appear in the Shorts feed, helping to boost your chances of getting in front of new, relevant audiences on YouTube. 

Idea 9. Engage your followers with a competition or giveaway

A competition or giveaway is a great way to boost subscribers and views on your YouTube channel. With Shorts, you can quickly promote your latest competition or giveaway, sharing the entry terms and conditions as punchy text overlays or a voiceover in 60 seconds or less.

Make sure you’ve read and understood YouTube’s contest policies and guidelines, then consider how you want to execute. 

Hot tip: to boost your reach, why not make a condition of entry to tag a friend in the comments of your video? This will instantly expand your audience on YouTube and inspire more relevant users to subscribe to your channel. 

Idea 10. Take audiences behind the scenes

Customers are used to seeing the end result or final product. But often, it’s the process of getting there that proves most interesting. 

Consider giving subscribers an insight into what happens behind the scenes of a product launch, photo shoot, or recording session. It’s not only entertaining but will prove useful to those looking to work in the same industry or wanting to know more about what you do. 

Things to consider to maximise the reach of your YouTube Shorts

Now you’ve got the creative juices flowing, you’re probably wondering: how can you maximize reach and boost the performance of your Shorts content?

To ensure your content resonates with viewers, ensure you’re using a compelling narrative with a clear hook. Even though you’ve only got 60 seconds, you still want to focus on engaging storytelling and use a visual or voice-over hook within the first three seconds of your Shorts video. 

It’s also a good idea to use a call-to-action (CTA). Whether you’re a product-based brand, service provider or creator looking to grow your audience, having a clear CTA at the end of your video (both on-screen and as a voice-over) can drive action and increase engagement. 

Just like regular long-form videos, YouTube Shorts also lets you include a video description. Make sure to include searchable keywords in your caption and Shorts title to boost the organic discoverability of your content. 

Are you planning to repurpose and cross post your videos from TikTok or Instagram Reels to YouTube Shorts? Hot tip: remove any watermarks using a free remover tool (like SnapTik) to ensure your content appears original and native to the Shorts platform. 

Ready to boost your reach on YouTube Shorts? 

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