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Whether you’re building your restaurant business from scratch or leveling up your existing marketing efforts, we’ve got you covered with this customizable, strategy-driven content calendar!

We’ve created this FREE 30-day content calendar, tailored to any restaurant or hospitality business, to take the confusion and guesswork out of using social media to skyrocket the success of your restaurant or hospitality business.

Get ready for content inspiration, caption starters, handpicked hashtags and repurposing tips to help you attract local customers, grow your following and increase those dinner reservations!


Kickstart Your Restaurants and Cafes Social Media Marketing


Connect to foodies in your area with Plann’s easy location tagging and personalized hashtag support. Your diners and customers are on social media so you should be too!

So where do you start? Social media doesn’t have to be complicated, but it’s also not as simple as setting and forgetting a handful of posts. If you’re going to the effort of posting on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest – you’ll want to strategize first!

Whether you’re posting “dish of the day” or promoting a special event, effective social media comes down to planning.

That’s where our award-winning social media suite, Plann, comes in to help set your strategy and execute on it. The customized restaurant content prompts, daily caption starters, handpicked hashtags and easy cross-posting will have you growing your following and reservations in no time!

Ready to kick-start your social media marketing as a restaurant or cafe?

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From our Restaurant and Cafe Plann’rs

Love the content calendars. I feel like I always have a million things going on in my brain and I appreciate being able to see your ideas mapped out.”
Danielle Zeman | Blogger | @sweetcheekscookiesandcake

How Brooke from Salted Sweets increased business by 146% in just 14 days!

Brooke is a self-taught baker who loves sharing her love language of sweet and simple baked goods with her followers. Her decadent baked treats look so good that we can almost smell them wafting through our phone screens!

Plann’s top features
for restaurants and cafes


Location tagging

Tag your geographic location while creating and scheduling your next post to Instagram.
Plann will automatically publish your work and automatically tag your location on your behalf.

Curated Hashtags

With Plann, you’ll have the tools you need to stay up to date, relevant and on trend to maximize your visibility online. Speed up your hashtag workflow. We’ve done the research for you on the best performing hashtags for restaurants and cafes businesses so you don’t have to.

Content Creation Support

Incredible content taken by professionals that you can easily find and add into your social media workflow.

Caption generators, royalty-free libraries, daily thought starters and social media holidays are just some of the ways we’ll never leave you blinking at your screen.

Success Stories from restaurants and cafes

Foodie Plann’rs

These food accounts are such a feast for the eyes, they’ll have you…

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