Pinterest Predicts The Top Trends To Watch In 2022 + A Stack Of Exciting Pinterest Updates

Get your 2022 social media strategy off to a winning start with these must-try Pinterest updates!

With a whopping 400 million active monthly users, Pinterest is a social media platform on the rise. To put that into perspective, if Pinterest was a country it would be larger than the United States (and would even rank in as the third largest country in the entire world). 

As we kick-off a New Year, you might be ready to shake up your social media strategy and add this powerful visual search engine into your social media marketing mix. 

What makes Pinterest so unique is it’s audience’s appetite to discover new ideas and score inspiration for their next purchase. 97% of top Pinterest searches are unbranded, giving businesses huge scope to cut through with an organic marketing strategy. 

Plus, Pinterest has been busy pulling together in-depth trend reports, launching new product features and even adding new tools to their platform. Ready to master Pinterest in 2022? Let’s run you through the latest Pinterest platform updates you need to know about. 



What to watch from the Pinterest Precincts Trend Report for 2022

Ever wished you had a crystal ball? Well, Pinterest have launched the next best thing with their annual Pinterest Predicts Trend report for 2022

Pinterest Predicts Trends Report

If you haven’t heard of this report before, Pinterest Predicts is the platform’s annual round up of predictions of what’s going to be trending in the year ahead. In 2021, Pinterest actually got 80% of its predictions correct, meaning it’s a valuable resource to use when planning your 2022 social media strategy. 

This time around, Pinterest has served up 35 trends (from make-up to fashion and beyond) that brands and businesses need to watch in 2022. Each prediction is based on Pinterest search activity and you can even filter these trends based on audience demographics or trend categories.


And Pinterest have taken things one step further this year with a personalized set of Ideas Pins served to Pinners through the app. It shows the trends each of us have been loving and the app’s predictions for what we’ll love in 2022 (kind of like Pinterest’s own take on Spotify Wrapped). 

Take a peek at the Pinterest Predicts report to keep your social media content on-trend in 2022.

Pinterest adds the option to reply to comments with an Idea Pin

If you’re already using Instagram’s new feature that allows you to reply to a comment with a Reels video clip, you’ll want to hear about this latest Pinterest update. 


Earlier this month, Pinterest announced that they’ve launched new ways for users to engage with comments on the platform. In a nutshell, Pinners can now reply to Pin comments with an Idea Pin video (giving you access to similar functionality that you’d find on Instagram).

Instead of writing long, wordy text-based replies, this new feature allows you to shoot or upload a video when replying. It’s a fantastic, visual way to engage with your audience and show, rather than tell. 

Pinterest acquires video creation and editing software, Vochi

Speaking of video content, Pinterest has just added another tool to its platform to help Pinners succeed in 2022. 

Pinterest has just acquired the video creation and editing platform, Vochi. Why? Well, Pinterest wants to expand its video content capabilities and give creators more dynamic tools to prioritize video content.

Pinterest Vochi Video Editing Software

It’s also a move that helps Pinterest move away from being a static image board and instead become a space for creators to share ideas in video formats. 

While we don’t know exactly when Vochi’s video editing features will be available in Pinterest, we do know that the app is slated to offer more video creation tools to Pinners in 2022.

Succeed on Pinterest in 2022 with Plann 

Have you heard? Pinterest is now available on Plann! We’re so thrilled to give Plann’rs more tools to succeed on social media, especially on such a booming platform like Pinterest. 

Now, you’ll score a faster and easier way to schedule your Pins, easy ways to connect your Pinterest account on your device and save and share your Pins together in one place. Plus you can even plan and design your Pinterest strategy directly in Plann.

Ready to expand with reach with Pinterest on Plann? Go on, redeem your 7-day free trial of Plann Plus. If you don’t like it, keep using Plann for free! 


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