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Ready to kick start your social media marketing as a photographer? We want to take the confusion and guesswork out of using social media to grow your photography business.

That’s why we’ve created this FREE 30-day content calendar, tailored to photographers and videographers.

Get ready for content inspiration, caption starters, handpicked hashtags and repurposing tips to help you grow your audience and attract new customers.

Whether you’re building your photography business from scratch or leveling up your existing marketing efforts, we’ve got you covered with this customizable, strategy-driven content calendar.


Kickstart Your Photographers Social Media Marketing


Photography and social media: they go together like peanut butter and jelly, or cheese and carbs! Your social media channels — particularly Instagram — are the perfect online portfolio for showcasing your incredible work.

In fact, when clients and brands are looking to hire a photographer or content creator, Instagram is often the first place they check out. Even before your website. But, as important as marketing on social media is, chances are, you became a photographer because you love being out in the world and getting creative. NOT because you wanted to spend all your time staring at the screen of your phone, responding to comments or fussing about your follower count! The good news is, it’s possible to grow your social media presence without sacrificing your time, sanity, and creativity. With the right tools and strategies up your sleeve, you can turn your photos into a powerhouse online portfolio.

That’s where our award-winning social media suite Plann comes in to help set your strategy and execute on it. From fashion to beauty and beyond, Plann’s content prompts, daily caption starters, handpicked hashtags and easy cross-posting will have you growing your following and skyrocketing your shoot bookings.

What’s included:

Photography Social Media Template - Social Media


Photography Content Inspo


Photography Caption Starters


Photography Repurposing


Photography Hashtags


From our Photographer Plann’rs

“The thing that first drew me to Plann was the integration with Cloud, my photography client delivery service. I can directly access my galleries and schedule those images into my Plann calendar. There is no other service like it out there! This saves me so much time.But the reason I stayed with Plann is that every feature has been so thoughtfully built with the user in mind—no matter your skill level with social media marketing. There are so many great little features that all add up to it just being the most user-friendly scheduling service I’ve ever used, like the ‘Best Performing Palette’ in analytics and the inspiration for posts based on industry.

Even if you’re skilled at writing captions, sometimes after the 30th caption your brain just goes blank and it’s incredibly helpful to have some inspiration to get things flowing again.”

Elisabeth Waller | Designer & Photographer | @itselisabethwaller

How Elisabeth Waller built a thriving
photography business using social media

Elisabeth started her photography studio while working remotely for an agency. She wasn’t very familiar with social media and Plann didn’t exist at the time, but she noticed that social media was the main driver of new clients. Fed up with using other scheduling tools, she was relieved when Plann emerged onto the scene!

Plann’s top features for



Plann’s CloudSpot integration helps professional photographers like you to simplify your socials and remove any double-up on annoying daily tasks. Our combined tech-dreams have come together to remove work from your to-do list!

Multi Platform/CROSS POSTING

Make your content work harder while diversifying your strategy. Take your best performing content, evergreen articles, or video content and distribute it everywhere for maximum results.

Hashtag Support

With Plann, you’ll have the tools you need to stay up to date, relevant and on trend to maximize your visibility online. Speed up your hashtag workflow. We’ve done the research for you on the best performing hashtags for health & wellness businesses so you don’t have to.


Build a trust-worthy brand by sharing your story, strategically. As experts, we’ve identified content themes that build brands. Use our presets, or choose to add your own. Add strategic placeholders to help manage content batching and content shoots.What does your brand stand for and how do you want to be perceived? No idea yet? That’s ok! We’re here to help.


A beautiful overview of your brands day ahead with a to-do list manager and post ideas!

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