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How Plann Helped Photographer Jessica Douglas Secure A Booked Out Calendar & Scale To 4k+ Followers On Instagram

To scale from a small-town wedding photographer to a booked-out leader in her field, Jesica Douglas turned to Plann to level up her creative business. Now, Jessica is renowned online (and offline) for her golden hour photography and has a lengthy client waitlist, all thanks to the power of social media marketing.

Securing Bookings Through Social Media

Social media had single-handedly taken me from a small town wedding photographer… to being recognized at the mall in a town over (a moment that absolutely blew me away!).


Jessica Douglas


In the early days, Jessica relied on word of mouth to win new clients and secure bookings. But soon, she realized the power of social media in helping to share her work and magic with the world.

To future proof her business growth, Jessica doubled down on social media marketing to showcase her photography, build trust and connect with clients who shared her values.

“Now, I have to cap my wedding season at 30 weddings and am able to show off my work to a wider pool of potential customers using social media. Plus, leveraging social media has helped boost my bookings to the point where I could then raise my pricing, while still accepting new and amazing customers.”

Regaining Hours Each Week

With Plann, I found that it gave me my time back… I can now spend more time with my daughter, or editing client work and not fall behind.


Jessica Douglas


To show up consistently on social media, Jessica tapped into Plann’s all-in-one social media suite to strategize, create and auto-post her content. As a self-employed photographer and working mom, being able to visually plan weeks of content in advance and discover her best posting times has been key to her success.

Best of all, Jessica is never scratching her head about how to craft her captions thanks to Plann’s daily caption prompts and tailored post ideas.

Skyrocketing Engagement Rates

Prior to Plann, Jessica wasn’t seeing any traction from her content (with most posts generating less than a 1% engagement rate). Now, Jessica is able to track the performance of her content, assess what messages are resonating with her audience and ensure she’s publishing content when her audience is active and online.

Jessica’s Top Tips For Brands On Instagram:

  • Carve out your niche:

    “Show off what you want more of in your business. Use Plann to help layout those images and content that you really want to make an impact with.”

  • Plan ahead:

    “Using Plann’s feature to visualize your upcoming content, you can use a colour palette too that represents your brand the best. Plann also has your back with this too, showing which colour palette has gained the most engagement on your channels.”

  • Embrace your authenticity:

    “Don’t force yourself to post certain content because it’s trending. Trends come and go. Stay consistent and post what you want and you’ll find your tribe more easily that way.”



Jessica Douglas Photography


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