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Using Plann To Grow A Community Of 32k+ Followers On Instagram With Photographer Airam Dato-on

For photographer Airam Dato-on, growing his photography and content creation business from the ground up required the best social media suite on the market. With the support of Plann, Airam has skyrocketed his social media following, scaled his content creation business and even works as a social media manager for a range of hospitality venues in his local area of Orlando.

Building A Creative Business From Scratch

I wouldn’t have been connected with Christy Laurence [Plann’s Founder & CEO] if one of my Instagram Reels hadn’t been shared to her.


Airam Dato-on


Airam began building his creative business right before the pandemic hit, meaning he had to get creative to win business and grow his client base. After launching his ‘Takeout Bingo’ initiative (which offered a free portrait photoshoot to Orlando locals that got Bingo on the board), he grew a community online and grew his following to a whopping 32k+ followers.
From there, Airam was hired to manage the social media accounts for a range of prominent restaurants in Orlando, and his creative career took off.

From Ad Hoc To Strategic Content Creation

I only have 64 GB on my old phone and that was a mess. I would have to constantly delete images and videos but with Plann, I am able to do everything on my laptop!


Airam Dato-on


With multiple accounts to manage, Airam needed to move away from creating and posting social media content from his phone. With Plann’s strategic planning tools, he’s been able to batch-create two to three weeks of content ahead of time for his clients and scale his business.

Effortlessly Designing Content At Scale

Plann has made content planning, scheduling, and posting a breeze.


Airam Dato-on


As a photographer and social media manager, being able to produce new content rapidly is essential. With Plann’s Canva integration, Airam has been able to whip up fresh designs and jump on reactive content without having to leave his Plann workspace.

Airam’s Top Tips For Brands On Instagram:

  • Find your style:

    “Have a consistent color palette and photo editing style.”

  • Refine your brand message:

    “Personally, I believe content with a consistent brand message will be queen of all over aesthetics.”

  • Harness the power of video content:

    “My biggest tip is to make Reels and TikToks and create hyperlocal content. I grew my audience to over 32k with Instagram Reels!”



Airam Dato-on


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“So much information packed into a small amount of time”
As an artist, I always knew TikTok was an important platform for me to be on to connect with potential clients. I left this course feeling so confident and excited to create and grow!
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