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How Plann Helped Luxury Wedding Photographer KT Merry Systematize Her Business and Create A Growth-Focused Content Strategy

As a luxury destination photographer, KT Merry has captured the weddings of some of the biggest names in the world, from Kate Upton to Lea Michele. Discover how KT Merry leveraged Plann’s strategic planning features to add structure to her content creation workflows, solidify her premium brand positioning and grow her audience to over 96k followers.

Establishing A Niche

KT Merry’s journey began back when she won her first photography competition in high school. After cutting her teeth as an assistant to fashion photographers, she pivoted to capturing weddings and has now been shooting celebrity weddings and luxury events across the globe for over 14 years.

Today, KT Merry is regarded as one of the top luxury destination wedding and editorial photographers in the world, celebrated by the likes of Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. Her business’s social media presence gives a taste of her unique style: refined, elegant and intimate, earning thousands of views and interactions from her engaged followers.

Refining Client Experience

An artist and creative at heart, KT Merry is quick to point out that structure and systems have been key to her success as a photographer.

One of the things that I think is really important for all creatives — whether you’re just starting in photography or are years in  —is to understand that art and business aren’t at odds. In fact, they can truly thrive together.


KT Merry


Not only has she designed a premium ‘white glove’ approach to servicing her clients, but KT Merry goes above and beyond with marketing her business, too. That means developing processes that allow her team to show up consistently on social media, from streamlining the content creation process to making it easy to plan ahead and schedule content in advance.

Selling The Dream On Socials

KT Merry has always known the power of attraction and manifestation, especially when curating her business’s social media presence.

“I always think it’s important to really be able to show what you want to shoot or want to attract. People want to see what they’re buying. So if you are wondering how you can get that work, we have to start showing it to them.”

By curating an aesthetic Instagram grid that showcases the kind of destination and luxury events KT Merry wants to shoot, she has been able to build a business that captures and converts her ideal clients on auto-pilot.

Designing An Efficient Content Strategy

Even as a creative, KT Merry knows how important it is to systematize her business and leverage platforms that save her (and her team) time, energy and money.

With an all-in-one social media suite (like Plann) by her side, the KT Merry team have been able to put systems in place to scale her photography business, expand her client base and beat burnout at the same time.
The same goes for KT Merry’s marketing efforts on social media. With Plann, she has been able to curate tailored content themes, plan out her grid in advance and give her team the support to streamline the content creation process.

Now, KT Merry has been able to grow her Instagram following, expand her client base and solidify her brand positioning as the go-to photographer for luxury destination weddings and events.


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