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Ready to kick start your social media marketing and build your personal brand? We want to take the confusion and guesswork out of using social media to skyrocket your success as a personal brand.

That’s why we’ve created this FREE 30-day content calendar, tailored to anyone building a personal brand.

Get ready for content inspiration, caption starters, handpicked hashtags and repurposing tips to help you grow your audience and attract new business partnerships.

Whether you’re building your personal brand from scratch or leveling up your existing marketing efforts, we’ve got you covered with this customizable, strategy-driven content calendar.


Kickstart Your Personal Brands Social Media Marketing


Take control of your personal brand and establish influence by sorting your social media marketing plan. Social media isn’t one-size-fits-all, so depending on your preferred platform or goal, you’ll need a strategy to ensure your online presence is where it needs to be.

Social media plays a massive role in how others see your brand, whether that is gaining new opportunities or building valuable connections.

That’s where our award-winning social media suite, Plann, comes in to help set your strategy and execute on it. The customized content prompts for personal brands, daily caption starters, handpicked hashtags and easy cross-posting will have you growing your brand in no time.

What’s included:

Personal Brand Templates


Personal Brand Content Inspo


Personal Brand Caption Starters


Personal Brand Repurposing


Personal Brand Hashtags


From our Personal Brands Plann’rs

Having Plann is great for meticulous and color coordinating everything and mapping out what my feed would look like. But now, whilst I still do that, because I just literally can’t help myself. I mainly use it as an editorial calendar to say ‘okay, mental health awareness month is coming up’ or ‘sexual assault survivors month is coming up. Let’s lock in a post around this topic and schedule it for this month so that I know what’s coming up and I’m across everything and I don’t miss anything.”
Milly Rose Bannister | Founder / Creative Director | @millyrosebannister

How Mille Rose Bannister Used Social Media to Build Her Brand and Start a Self-Love Empire

Milly Rose Bannister, a long-term Plann’r and an absolute force of positivity on Instagram. Not only is Milly an influencer with over 170,000 followers (and one of the prettiest feeds we’ve ever seen!), but she’s channeling that influence into creating a positive difference in the world.

Plann’s top features for
Personal Brand



Build a trust-worthy brand by sharing your story, strategically. As experts, we’ve identified content themes that build brands. Use our presets, or choose to add your own. Add strategic placeholders to help manage content batching and content shoots.What does your brand stand for and how do you want to be perceived? No idea yet? That’s ok! We’re here to help.

Hashtag Support

With Plann, you’ll have the tools you need to stay up to date, relevant and on trend to maximize your visibility online. Speed up your hashtag workflow. We’ve done the research for you on the best performing hashtags for personal brands businesses so you don’t have to.

Content Creation Support

Incredible content taken by professionals that you can easily find and add into your social media workflow.

Caption generators, royalty-free libraries, daily thought starters and social media holidays are just some of the ways we’ll never leave you blinking at your screen.



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