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How Plann Helped Social Media Manager Kat Murphy Build A Thriving Marketing Agency

Kat Murphy (Head of Strategy at Social Kat Media) successfully made the shift from freelancer to digital agency owner six years ago, offering social media support to small businesses and major brands.

For Kat, harnessing the power of Plann’s all-in-one social media suite has been the key to her success – and the success of her growing portfolio of clients, too!

Helping Clients Stand Out On Social Media

Social media needs to do more than just look good, it needs to have a purpose, and using Plann has allowed me to balance showcasing the brand as a whole.


Kat Murphy

Head of Strategy

With Plann’s visual planner, Kat effortlessly plans content in advance, ensuring a visually stunning representation of her client’s brand identity.

Plann’s strategic tools mean Kat can set specific objectives for each post and align them with broader marketing goals. That ensures every post serves a clear purpose, whether it’s driving engagement, promoting a product, or building brand awareness.

Growing Organically Through Reels

Plann helps me get the most out of reels, hashtags, and targeted engagement and has allowed us to grow our community effectively and sustainably.


Kat Murphy

Head of Strategy

Through the power of Instagram Reels, Kat has been able to boost the visibility of her client’s profiles on social media. With Plann’s Hashtag Management tools, Kat has been able to easily add high-performing hashtags to every post and Reel her agency shares.

Finding Purpose Through Strategy

Plann helps me focus on strategy, which ensures content is more meaningful for businesses and achieves goals.


Kat Murphy

Head of Strategy

Kat knows that in the world of social media, it’s not enough to just create and schedule content.

With Plann by her side, Kat and her agency have all the tools they need to build a well-defined content strategy, ensuring that each post has a clear purpose and contributes to broader business goals.

Kat’s Top Tips For Brands On Instagram:

  • Make a plan:

    “Posting on the fly or randomly can leave you feeling overwhelmed and you probably won’t see the results you’re looking for! It’s important to determine your goals for your content, balance those goals, and then make a plan!”

  • Don’t compare yourself to others:

    “What another business is doing on social media isn’t necessarily what you should be doing online. It’s important to figure out what you enjoy doing on social media AND what is getting you results.”

  • Remember to have fun:

    “Making it something that you enjoy doing will make it more sustainable for you and get you better results. Play around with different types of content to find what feels good.”



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