Instagram Post Inspiration for Photographers

Stand out with our top Instagram post ideas, curated for photographers.

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Ultimate Photographers Guide

Learn the tricks to growing your followers the easy way!

The content you share on Instagram can make a big difference when it comes to optimizing your brand and showing off your photography skills!

Using Instagram, you can share your favorite photographs and start to build a digital portfolio that turns your Instagram feed into the perfect branding resource. The possibilities are truly endless!

But what should you do if you’re out of content ideas?

Don’t get stuck in an Instagram rut! We’ve compiled a list of some of our best post ideas for photographers who want to succeed on Instagram. Get ready to join the ranks of Instagram’s most talented photographers.


How Instagram Can Help Your Photography Succeed

Instagram provides plenty of great opportunities for you to build an audience for your photography business! By working to curate your social media presence, you can start to generate interest in your photos and your photography business.

Over time, the content you share on your Instagram account can become a portfolio and a marketing tool. As you boost your reach and maximize engagement, you can use Instagram as a launching base for new professional opportunities. Awesome, right?

Your Photography Instagram Inspiration

If you’re feeling a little stuck or confused about what to post on your photography account, you’re not alone! That’s why we’ve put together a few simple post ideas to get you started, no matter what your photography niche is.

Wedding Photography

Social media is the perfect place to advertise your wedding photography services! By sharing great photos and using a strong social strategy, you can build plenty of demand for your business.

wedding photographer

Keep things simple with your favorite wedding shots. Choose a highlight reel from your most recent event, and share content that shows off your photography style and skills.

Drawing on your existing photography catalogue, this post option is a great way to get users interested in what you offer.

wedding photography

Show your followers where you work. Next time you arrive at a wedding venue, make the most of beautiful scenery and setups and take the opportunity to capture some content for your social media accounts. This can give you something different to post, as well as demonstrate the versatility of your photography skills.

wedding photography

Connect with your audience using a get-to-know-you post. By giving your followers a glimpse behind the scenes of your photography business, you can start to build stronger online relationships and inspire more customers to take the leap and make a booking.

Family Photography

Instagram offers many great business opportunities for family photographers looking for more clients! Here are some of our top post ideas for photographers working in this niche.

family photography

Document your best work! Whether you work in a studio or out in the natural environment, use your social media platform as a place to share photographs that represent your business and that you can be proud of.

family photography

Talk about what else you can offer. Your Instagram is a place to promote your business, so never miss a chance to share what you’re working on. Invite your followers to book a photography session, or start advertising classes and products your audience might be interested in.

Instagram Stories

Whether you’re relying on posts or making use of stories, don’t be afraid to let your followers see what it’s really like to run a business like yours. Share authentic content that gives users an insight into your daily photography process and routine.

Pet Photography

There are many pet photographers on Instagram, all making the most of the platform’s unique growth and business development offerings. Try these ideas to join in!

pet photography

Share your cutest pet photos! Using plenty of hashtags and keywords to boost discoverability, treat your Instagram as a marketing hub. Show off your photography talent at every opportunity!

pet photography

Don’t be afraid to include a few outtakes. When working with pets, there are bound to be mishaps every now and then. Let your followers see what life is like behind the scenes and what trouble your furry clients get into.

pet photography

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is popular on Instagram! Sharing landscapes from some of your favorite locations is a great way to generate buzz around your photography.

landscape photography

Let your photos speak for themselves! The great thing about photography is that your pictures can do their own marketing work. Use your best shots to improve interest and engagement on your Instagram account.

landscape photography

Compile your landscape photos to present a mini portfolio. If you’re struggling to choose between shots or want an easy way to show off your range, a collage can help you incorporate versatility as part of your feed.

landscape photography

Give your followers a glimpse of what it takes to capture content for your posts. When you’re travelling between destinations, let your audience know where you are, what you’re working on, and what they can expect from you next.

Fashion Photography

Instagram is the place to be for fashion photographers! With so many talented and creative people online, you’ll soon find yourself amongst the photography greats.

fashion photography

Make great photography the heart of your social media strategy! Use Instagram as a place to share your favorite looks and most successful photoshoots, and give your followers a glimpse at what you can achieve.

fashion photographer

Share your successes. Next time your images appear in a magazine or as part of a digital publication, shout it from the rooftops! This can help you build credibility and improve your Instagram reach, all while celebrating your talent.

fashion photography

Record the events you attend and share them to your account as a Reel. If you’re part of a fashion event, share your photos on the ‘gram! If you’re still working your way up to attending fashion week, don’t be afraid to post content from smaller catwalks and shows.

Architecture Photography

Architecture photography is a growing niche on Instagram with many talented photographers bringing their creativity to the app. There’s plenty of demand for more content!

Architecture Photography

Visit unique architectural structures, and capture unique angles and lighting. Bring your own creative flair to your pictures, and start to curate a signature style as part of your Instagram marketing strategy.

Architecture Photography

You don’t have to limit yourself to building! Architecture photography can include all kinds of constructions. On Instagram, try sharing interesting shapes and ideas, even exploring abstract photography ideas.

Architecture Photography

Share what you work on. When you’re hired to work as a photographer to capture a new project build, share the photos you capture on Instagram! If you’re feeling generous, you can even offer your audience some basic photography tips and tricks along the way.

The Ultimate Photographer's Guide to Social Media
The Ultimate Photographer's Guide to Social Media

Tips for growing your social media following!


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