Instagram Launches Lead Forms For Business Profiles & More Exciting Social Media News

Maximize your chances of winning new business with lead forms on Instagram.

Lucinda Starr
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Are you a service-based business looking to secure new clients? Maybe you’re an eCommerce brand looking to grow your mailing list? 

Whatever bucket you fall into, this exciting new Instagram feature needs to be on your radar: lead forms for business profiles. And we’re going to tell you why, 

From two new updates from Instagram to LinkedIn expanding their newsletter feature and recommendations from Pinterest on how to engage with audiences and drive sales, we’ve got all the new updates to keep you in the loop and on top of your social media management. 



Instagram adds Lead Forms to business profiles

Instagram is always updating the platform to find new ways of helping brands, businesses and creators engage with their audience and customers. And, Instagram is testing a new ‘Lead Form’ that sits in your business profile with action buttons. This gives you new opportunities to get responses and gather consented data from your audience. 


Basically you can add a new action button to your profile (like ‘learn more’ ‘apply now’, ‘get a quote’ and ‘sign up’) as well as preset or custom lead form questions. If you choose to select custom questions, you’ll have the option to ask multiple-choice questions or short-answer questions. 

ig lead form 2

This feature can be used in a bunch of different ways. For service-based businesses, you can set up a ‘learn more’ or ‘get quote’ action button which allows potential customers to write what services they need from you. 

This can not only help potential customers reach out to you in a simpler way but also help you gather contact information from customers. 

We’re not exactly sure when this feature will be rolled out globally but a bunch of Instagram users already have access to this feature. So keep your eyes peeled!

Instagram rolls out dynamic profile photos 

Instagram’s latest feature, dynamic profile photos lets you flip between displaying your original profile photo and your avatar. 

Since adding avatars to Instagram in 2022, you could only choose between your profile photo and your avatar. But now, users who view your profile can flip between the two as well. Plus, this is the first time Instagram is using avatar innovation, where your avatar will wave when shown. 

Here’s how to use this new feature: 

• Head to your profile

• Click edit profile 

• Add an avatar 

• Your profile photo will automatically flip between the two

LinkedIn’s new feature lets you see which Newsletters users have subscribed to

LinkedIn is expanding its Newsletter feature by allowing you to show the Newsletters you subscribe to on your profile page for other users to see (starting from the 11th of February, 2023). 

Since launching on the platform, Newsletters have seen a massive boom on LinkedIn. With this new feature, Newsletters are set to become a more prominent part of the LinkedIn experience (making them more visible and discoverable to new users, too) 

Resident social media expert and consultant, Matt Navarra took to Twitter to share the news with an email from LinkedIn. Here’s what LinkedIn has to say about this change. 

LinkedIn will be giving users the option to opt out of showing people what Newsletters they subscribe to by heading to the My Network page and unsubscribing to Newsletters you don’t want to be made public. 

Pinterest is back with new insights to help brands engage with users in the purchasing process

Pinterest is a brand’s dream platform with 80% of users on Pinterest discovering new brands and products on the platform and 55% of pinners being influenced to make purchasing decisions. 

Pinterest is looking to help brands and businesses even more, this year by focusing on the customer journey through each stage of the purchasing process. Pinterest has released a ‘full funnel’ overview of how brands can use ad options with targeted approaches to reach more users. 

Here’s a rundown of the insights you’ll be able to unlock on Pinterest:

1. Awareness: in this stage of the purchase funnel, Pinners are discovering new things on the platform. Pinterest says this stage should be used for brand awareness by using aspirational imagery to allure new audiences and using idea, standard, or max-width video ad formats

2. Consideration: here, pinners are weighing up their options and deciding what products are the best for them to achieve their goals. The goal here is to drive website traffic with action intent. Pinterest recommends including clear call-to-action posts that prompt click-throughs by using standard, carousel, or collection ad formats

3. Conversion: the final stage is the actions Pinners take by purchasing or signing up. Pinterest recommends product-focused posts and calls to action that prompt conversions with shopping, carousel, or collection ad formats

Pinterest says those who use Pinterest campaigns throughout the purchase cycle receive a three times higher conversion rate when exposed to the 3 objectives – awareness, consideration, and conversion.  

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