Hack The Instagram Algorithm: 11 Tips & Tricks To Help You Grow Your Engagement

Looking for simple ideas to help you hack the Instagram algorithm? You’d be surprised to find that there are quite a few savvy tips and tricks for doing exactly that. Following, a list of hacks you can employ ASAP.

Looking for simple ideas to help you hack the Instagram algorithm?

You’d be surprised to find that there are quite a few savvy tips and tricks for doing exactly that. Following, a list of hacks you can employ ASAP.

The new Instagram algorithm is more focused on engagement than ever. In short, the more engagement you gain on your posts, the more your posts will stay on top of the feed. Of course, hashtags play a major role here but we’ve already settled how to find the right hashtags.


Combine all those elements and you get exactly what you’re looking for: fresh new followers.

Read on and discover 11 easy ways to hack the Instagram algorithm like a pro.

Simple Ways to Hack the Instagram Algorithm

1. Profile picture, bio headline and bio link

  • Your profile picture is the first thing people see, so make sure it stands out.
  • Your bio headline — use those 30 bold characters wisely.
  • Whether your bio link leads your visitors to your website or it leads them to another social media channel you use, make sure it is there.

2. Reveal your credentials

Show off your background in a dynamic, exciting way. Let your followers know more of what you do by giving them an overview of your accomplishments and what makes you worth their time. If they have any other reason to follow you (besides your great content), let them know.

3. Use emojis to create visual stimulation

Emojis are another way of showing people that you are fun and open. I suggest you use them in your bio; they can help you break up the text and make it more engaging.

Extra tip: Make sure the emojis you use go along with what you’re writing. (If you say you love dogs, a cat emoji is not the best choice.


4. Add your hashtags in the first paragraph

Why? Because it’s not fun to read a long caption and get lost among hashtags while doing it — it’s way too crowded.

Utilizing this simple hack will make your post caption look cleaner and may mean people will actually read it. Don’t worry, Instagram will register the hashtags as if they were in the caption. What a simple workaround of the Instagram algorithm, right?

5. Pay attention to #s

Picking the right hashtags is paramount on Instagram. I am not sure if I can emphasize enough the importance of hashtags.

I am just going to say this:

[clickToTweet tweet=”Using the right hashtags is the best method to hack the #Instagram algorithm. #instagramtips ” quote=”Hashtag management is a sure method to hack the Instagram algorithm.”]

Moving on to the next Instagram algorithm hacking tip:

6. Replying to comments

When you get a new comment, the first instinct is to reply back right away.

But what if I told you it’s best to wait before replying to comment. How long? Until you post your latest post on Instagram. This way you’re sending a notification to those who commented and the chances that they will see your new post in their feeds are higher.


7. Add your @username at the end of the caption

This Instagram algorithm hacking tip can increase your interaction by up to 50%.

The explanation: people are more prone to tap on the username than to scroll all the way up to the top. You never know who stumbles on your post and decides to check out your feed.

8. Write quality captions

The best captions are the ones that tell the story behind the picture. Use your imagination and write a creative caption — it will bring your picture to life.

What’s more important is that a great caption can double your number of likes and comments.

9. Find out your peak posting time

There’s a song that says “we’re just victims of bad timing.” Those words couldn’t be more realistic, especially if we’re talking about the new Instagram algorithm.

Therefore, make sure you find the best time to post in order to get maximum exposure. If your posts receive a steady flow of likes and comments, it means they will stay longer in the feed (the new algorithm promotes relevance, remember?)


10. Get creative with Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a wonderful way to interact with your followers.

Here are a few ideas of what you could share:

  • A daily quote
  • Tips & tricks of something you are good at (cooking, painting etc)
  • Behind the scenes


11. Hack the Instagram algorithm like a teen

Teens have come up with a secret code that works wonders. I bet you would have never thought of this. I feel you.

Here are some secret codes:

  • “LB” = like back = if you like my photo, I’ll like yours
  • “CB” = comment back = if you comment on my photo, I’ll comment back
  • “Row” = add likes to my top row of photos

Blown away? So I thought.

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Time to Get to Work

Hacking the Instagram algorithm is quite simple. All you need to do is pay extra attention to some small but important details.

Always remember to keep your followers engaged. Make sure your feed looks amazing and your captions tell a story.

Download Plann for iOS and Android and start designing your dream feed. With over 60 filters and editing tools, Plann is the only app you need to design and schedule your posts weeks in advance.


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