5 Ways You Can Use Instagram’s AI Features

Discover how to harness Instagram’s AI features to your advantage.

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Artificial intelligence is on the rise, already at a global market size of $208 billion. While we’re still in the early days of AI content, the possibilities are endless.

Instagram AI offerings are a new addition to the platform, making it possible to produce high-quality AI-generated content materials. This gives Meta users more power over social media production and access to new formats and posting styles.

Get to know Instagram’s best AI tools and features so you can stay ahead of the curve! Here are our answers to your frequently asked questions, plus five ways you can start using AI on Instagram today.


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What Are Instagram’s AI Features?

As generative AI takes over the digital landscape, Instagram is racing to keep up! Developers are constantly working on new feature updates that increasingly allow account holders to use AI within the app.

Currently, Instagram offers a variety of AI story options, including generative AI stickers, backgrounds, and filters. The app is also exploring options for AI-powered chats, searches, and even direct message conversations. That’s not to mention scope for AI-written captions and hashtag groups in the future.

How Do Instagram’s AI Tools Work?

Meta users can rely on AI to create rich and engaging content materials, all based on the kind of content that performs well on Insta. This applies regardless of whether you’re sharing posts, reels, or stories.

Like other artificial intelligence systems, Instagram AI features rely on data mining processes to obtain an extensive knowledge base. After learning from content shared by real Instagram users, Instagram AI technology can take over and craft its own posting items.

What Are The Benefits To Using Instagram AI?

Instagram’s AI features can offer a range of benefits and advantages for users at all levels of expertise.

When you use AI, you can work with the Instagram algorithm to easily and intuitively create content that aligns with the platform’s goals. This can make it easier to maximize reach results and build your audience.

AI-generate images, captions, and other elements can also save you time. If you’re a busy small business owner or social media manager, you can rely on AI technology to take over some of the content creation burden.

By simplifying the production process, Instagram AI makes it easier to stay up to date with your content calendar, regularly sharing new reels and grid posts.

What Instagram AI Limitations Should You Be Aware Of?

Despite its advantages, the Instagram AI model also has a few drawbacks and limitations you should be aware of.

Many Instagram users can recognize an image credited by AI. Frequent AI materials may jeopardize community building, as this automated approach might damage your credibility and authenticity. This could cause people to lose trust in your account and the content you share.

It’s also important to note that the use of AI technology remains a contentious issue for some. Instagram AI may derive elements from other accounts, which can cause difficulty with citing image credits properly.

Instagram AI could even lead you to more mistakes! When producing AI content, you still need to be vigilant about proofreading your work to ensure you catch any errors before they go live and reach your audience.

5 Ways You Can Use Instagram’s AI Features:

There are so many ways that Instagram users like you can get involved with the AI surge! Here are five user-friendly starting points you can try right now.

AI-Generated Instagram Story Stickers

Instagram story stickers have long been a popular feature, and now they’ve had a generative AI boost! Within the Instagram mobile app, you can use written prompts to create custom stickers that align with your brand and content goals. You can easily create stronger Instagram stories, and it’s so easy!

Key Benefits:

  • Customized story sticker options, making it easier to find what you need.
  • Generative AI control, allowing you to curate branding details as needed.
  • Easy-to-use AI starting point, developing your confidence for other AI tools.

How To Use:

A mobile app screen showing the AI stickers Instagram feature. Text input prompt says, "What do you want to create?" Example prompts include "Cat on award show red carpet" and "Taurus shopping spree.

Step 1: Log into the Instagram app, and select the + icon, followed by the story option.

Step 2: Next, capture or upload your desired story content materials.

Step 3: Navigate to the top right of the screen, and select the stickers icon.

Step 4: From the list that appears, choose AI stickers.

Step 5: Use the keyboard to type your prompt and generate an AI sticker.

AI Instagram Filters

Instagram stories are also compatible with a wide range of filters! You can use these AI functions to enhance images and videos or even add elements to specified areas of your screen. Some AI filters can also be used to generate an alternative background for your image or video content.

Key Benefits:

  • Full control over visual materials and story aesthetics.
  • Fresh, unique content styles to capture visual interest.
  • User-friendly AI options suitable for even complete beginners.

How To Use:

A smartphone screen displaying a search result page with various AI-related filters available for selection on an app.

Step 1: Log into Instagram, and select +, then story from the sliding menu.

Step 2: Before capturing story content, navigate to the stars icon at the top of your screen.

Step 3: Scroll through the selected filter options until you reach the search icon at the far right.

Step 4: Select the search button, and use the search bar to input a prompt for your desired AI filter.

Step 5: Choose the filter you want to use, and tap to apply before recording Instagram stories.

AI-Powered Automatic Reels

AI-generated images aren’t your only content option! You can also rely on AI to automatically search images and videos within your account and on your device. The system can then generate new reels from scratch, with this feature making it easy for you to keep up with video content streams.

Key Benefits:

  • Automatic content repurposing to create new reels based on existing account materials.
  • Easy-to-edit templates suitable for use with trending audio tracks.
  • Streamlined video production with scope to share across Instagram and Facebook.

How To Use:

Instagram Reels screenshot displaying custom made Reels using AI made for you to edit and share.

Step 1: Log into Instagram. Press the + icon, and choose reels from the creation menu.

Step 2: Scroll right through the top-of-screen menu bar, and select made for you.

Step 3: Review the generated reels, based on archive content materials.

Step 4: Select view to choose an audio track and auto-sync clips.

Step 5: Edit content as needed before publishing your new reel.

Auto-Generated Alt Text

Instagram is exploring options for AI-generated alt text, using object recognition to produce written descriptions. This feature makes it quicker and easier to set up image descriptions that enhance SEO through the power of metadata, all while ensuring that your content is accessible to all users.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced accessibility, improving reach and engagement potential.
  • Streamlined metadata, saving time while improving search engine optimization.
  • Editable descriptions, allowing creators to make changes as required.

How To Use:

Auto-Generated Alt Text

Step 1: Log into Instagram, and press the + icon. Then choose the post option.

Step 2: Upload your chosen image as an Instagram post, applying edits as required.

Step 3: Once through the captioning screen, you can select alt text to input your own data.

Step 4: Alternatively, leave this blank, and AI will generate an image description for you.

Step 5: Once you’ve finalized your chosen pathway, hit share on your latest post.

Meta AI Instagram Chat

Most recently, both Facebook and Instagram have introduced the Meta AI chat option. This new feature uses artificial intelligence to analyze information and answer questions in response to text-based prompts input via the social media search bar.

Key Benefits:

  • Diverse applications, from planning posts to finding specific information.
  • Access to real-time AI-powered chat functionality within the Instagram app.
  • Scope to learn more about other social media users, as well as your own account.

How To Use:

Meta AI Instagram Chat

Step 1: Open the Instagram app, and tap the search icon at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Click on the search bar at the top of the screen to start typing.

Step 3: Type your prompt for Meta AI, being as precise as possible.

Step 4: When you’re ready, select the send icon to search.

Step 5: Review the AI-generated answers provided by Instagram.

Plann’ing For Instagram

As Instagram’s AI features continue to diversify, so does their versatility and their impact on content creation and user experience.

By learning how Meta AI functions work, you can keep up with the pace of change and use the latest features to their full potential. You’ll be able to maximize your potential and curate a stronger social strategy.

Keen to learn more about what AI can do for your content? Get started with Plann’s very own AI caption generator!


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