How To Get More Facebook Likes (Without Buying ‘Em)

Tired of nobody liking your posts? Want to kick butt at Facebook Marketing in 2020? Here are nine nifty ways to get more Facebook likes!

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What’s the most frustrating thing about Facebook?

The lack of growth. Facebook’s algorithm has killed off organic reach, making it impossible to get likes.

Or has it?

While the algorithm is a pain in everyone’s butt, we have a few tricks up our sleeve which will help you get around it (without having to resort to the dark underbelly of buying fakes).

Ready to turn around your declining reach? Whip out your notebook, pop the kettle on and let’s get cracking!


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Consistency is King

Raise your hand if you’ve ever forgotten about your Facebook page.

Whelp. You’re not alone!

Lack of consistency is what kills Facebook pages trying to gain more likes.

According to Marie Forleo, THE whiz-woman of business: “Being consistent is a must-have skill if you’re looking to kick some serious ass and become world-class.”

So if it’s on your vision board to get more likes in 2020, you need to pull up your proverbial socks and commit to posting at least once a day.

Log onto Facebook right now and put that post scheduler to good use. Stock up posts for the next week or better yet, a whole month in advance. 

Share Valuable and Compelling Content

It doesn’t matter if you’re sharing content every single day for the next year, if the content sucks, you’re not going to see results.

Whether you’re sharing content from your website or curated posts from elsewhere, it needs to be compelling and add value.

You want to build a relationship with your fans where they see you as a valuable resource. 

Before you hit that post button, double-check to see if it’s Facebook-worthy:

– Does the post have a high-quality, compelling image?

– Is the headline attention-grabbing?

– Will people want to share the link with their friends and family?

– What value does the post have? Will it teach, inspire or entertain?

Pimp Out Your Profile

Is your Facebook page optimised for search? Have you sprinkled in keywords you want your business to rank for?

If you answered no, it’s time to pimp out your profile:

– Fill out the “Our Story”, About, Company Overview and General Information sections

– Add your mission

– Show off your milestones

– List your products or services

– Select the category which best describes your business

– Don’t forget your website and contact details

Need some motivation to type up a storm? Facebook’s algorithm favours complete profiles and views them as more credible.

The Social Media Manager's Guide

Learn how to manage multiple accounts without going crazy!

Use Facebook Ads

Good news, everyone!

You don’t need a million-dollar advertising budget to boost your reach and get more Facebook likes and followers. As little as $30-50 per month will do the trick.

Plus, Facebook Ads are full of juicy details. You can target your audience right down to their favourite movies, household income, and how often they go overseas.

Gone are the days of wasting money on ads with no return. If you target ads to the right people and whip up some compelling copy with a strong call-to-action, your ads are going to bring all the boys to the yard. La, la, la, la, la.

Use a Secret Hack to Invite People to Your Page

Wanna know a secret?

There’s a way to get people to invite others to like your Facebook page who already engage with your content.

The best part? It won’t cost a single penny.

Log onto your Facebook page (you’ll need to use the desktop version) and click on the number of people who liked your most recent post.

It will bring up a list of people’s names, and you’ll see the following buttons:

Invite: Click here to invite the person to Like your page

Liked: This means the person already follows your page. Hooray!

Invited: People who have yet to accept your invitation

The results? Some pages are seeing an acceptance rate of 15-20%!

Tell People What You Want Them To Do

Want more Facebook likes? You need to entice people to push your buttons.

If you’re not seeing likes, comments, shares or clicks – I’ll bet my bottom dollar your call-to-actions are weak or (gasp!) you’re not using any.

Need some ideas to get people to hit that like button? Here are over 100 call-to-actions to get your audience clicking!

Say goodbye to passive followers, and hello to your super-engaged Facebook fans!

Promote Your Page

Shout it from the rooftops!

Campaign in Times Square while dressed as Spiderman!

Or you can take the introvert approach:

– Add a Facebook follow button onto your website

– Add social share icons to your newsletter

– Cross-promote your Facebook page on your Instagram or Twitter

You want to make it easy for people to find your Facebook page.

If you’re still not seeing results, kick it up a level.

Host a Facebook LIVE event, or create a giveaway that’s exclusive to your page. Give your followers on other platforms an irresistible reason to seek out your page and hit that Like button.

Use Hashtags

Love ’em or hate ’em, hashtags are an essential part of a solid Facebook marketing strategy.

But, unlike Instagram, you don’t need 10-30 hashtags – 1 to 2 will do the trick.

Your homework?

Find the most relevant hashtags for your niche. It’s an easy way to increase Facebook likes and followers.

Analyse What’s Working & Ditch What Isn’t

Real talk: You can follow all these steps and still see zero traction.

Why? You’re not analysing your results.

If you want to build an engaged Facebook community, delve deep into your Insight analytics.

There’s a treasure trove of information for you to uncover like:

– The best time to post (and which days of the week get the highest engagement)

– If your engagement tanks or increases with more than one post a day

– What type of content gets the biggest reaction from your followers

– What types of action the post received (likes, comments, clicks)

If you’re new to Facebook marketing, go over your analytics at the end of each week. Take note of any trends, and use that information to build a strategy on how to get more Facebook likes.




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