How to Drive Conversions with Instagram Story Ads

Tap into the power of Instagram Story ads to supercharge your conversions on Instagram.

Shannon Jade
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Instagram story ads can be an incredibly effective way to generate more interest in your brand and the products or services you offer!

Already, 96% of US marketers surveyed in a 2023 study had plans to create story ads within the next 6 months. So what are you waiting for? 

If you’re keen to drive traffic to your website and maximize conversions for your brand, story ads could be an important next step in your marketing strategy. Here’s how to make the most of them! 



What Are Instagram Story Ads? 

What Are Instagram Story Ads

Instagram stories have huge communication power.

While grid posts can sometimes get lost in the feed, stories appear right at the top of the Instagram home page. Usually available for only a 24-hour period, Instagram stories can create a sense of urgency that encourages audiences to watch fast. 

The last time you watched Instagram stories shared by your favorite creators, you might have noticed additional stories popping up to share fresh campaigns and creative advertisements. These are Instagram story ads. 

Instagram story ads are paid content designed to appear while users are watching stories shared by accounts they already follow. This means that story ads allow you to put your content in front of an engaged story-watching audience. Awesome, right? 

The Benefits of Using Story Ads

Instagram Story ads can provide many great benefits that can help you grow your account and drive higher conversion rates. 

You can use Instagram story ads to target an engaged and motivated audience of users who don’t yet follow your account and might not know about your product or services. 

Working with existing algorithms, story ads can be tailored to target specific audiences. You can adjust your advertisement settings so that your ads appear to people who are most likely to care what you have to say. You might even target users based on factors such as their gender, age range, or location! 

Eye-catching story ads take up a mobile user’s whole screen, which makes them hard to ignore. This means that you can create ads that make a real impact and encourage clicks to visit your website or other sales channels. 

How To Use Instagram Story Ads

Want to know how you can use Instagram story ads to your advantage? Follow these simple steps! 

Step 1: Set up an Instagram business account

First, you need to get set up with an Instagram business account! If your account isn’t currently in business mode, you can update this by navigating to your profile and viewing your account settings. Here, scroll to the bottom of your screen, and switch to a business account so that you can access Meta’s full suite of business features, including advertising tools. 

Step 2: Create your ad content

Next, it’s time to start thinking about the content you want to create for your advertisement. It’s important to get this step right, so take your time. Think about the message you want to communicate and the call to action you want to place at the heart of your campaign. Then integrate your branding, and design an eye-catching, engaging full-screen vertical ad (static or video) that generates interest in your offer.

Step 3: Finalize your settings

Using the Meta Business Suite, get ready to set up your story ad. Carefully review all settings details so that you know what you’re paying for and how much you’re willing to spend on your ad campaign. Double-check that your ad is targeting the right audience and that you’ve set up the correct campaign details, including a duration period.

Step 4: Monitor ad performance

Once your ad is live, don’t forget about it! Stay up to date with the latest information by accessing metrics and insights available via your Instagram account or the Meta Business Suite. 

Look for trends in how people interact with your story ad, and use these insights to inform ongoing advertising decisions, such as timing and audience demographics. Keep a close eye on your ad conversions, and think about how you can improve your results. 

Top Tips To Master Instagram Story Ads

Top Tips To Master Instagram Story Ads

When producing Instagram story ads, there are a few best practices you should keep in mind to ensure you get the best results out of your advertising strategy. Consider these tips and tricks! 

Stay on Brand

Consistent branding is critical to social media success. This is how people learn to recognize your brand and what you can offer. 

When creating story ads, look for clear and effective ways to incorporate branding elements that speak to who you are. Use your brand fonts and colors, and don’t forget your logo! 

Be Clear and Simple

Clarity is important when communicating on socials, especially when you need to make an impact in a limited period of time. 

Don’t overcomplicate the message you’re trying to convey with your story ads. Be as clear and simple as possible so that audiences know exactly what you’re offering.

Add motion elements

A great Instagram story ad is one that catches the eye and makes users take notice or want to find out more. Motion elements can help! 

Consider adding even subtle animation to your story ads to keep your visual materials rich and engaging. Capture your audience’s attention so that people want to learn about your brand.

Make It Memorable

Memorable content can go a long way when it comes to attracting new customers and optimizing sales conversions. 

Think creatively about how to design your story ads. Use elements that are effective and memorable so that audiences don’t forget your brand in a hurry. 

Use a Call to Action

Every social media post needs an effective call to action! Story ads are no exception. Your audience needs you to tell them which next steps to take. 

When you share an Instagram story ad, tell users how to engage! Direct your audience to your website or sales channel, and tell them why and how to buy your product or service. 

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