Digital Detoxing

We love all things tech but it can be all consuming. Here are some simple things you can do to create balance between your digital life and the real world.

And we know you probably do too… but since we live in the age of information overload, we know firsthand, the power of taking responsibility for your own online usage and wellbeing.

Producing powerful results in your work or life, and de-stressing yourself from the onslaught of online overwhelm requires self-control and accountability, so we created this list of five things you can do daily, to help create peace of mind in the digital era.



Sleep plays a vital role in ensuring that you are feeling well and, well, in the life of an influencer or marketing manager, constantly beeping phones can disrupt your sleep more than a snoring sleep partner or a bed full of toddlers could! To make sure you’re getting a quality night of sleep every night, be sure to switch off your phone’s notifications at sleep times. If you still want some people (like your kids or partner) to be able to call you even when you’re sleeping, you can always head to your settings and enable only your favourites to be able to call you while your phone is on sleep mode too… Just be sure to add those people to your favourites list and their call will get through.


Some of the most successful people in the world swear by the power of having a consistent morning ritual. And well, since 80% of people’s first reaction to waking up in the morning is checking their phone while they’re still in bed, we reckon setting aside as little as 20 minutes to wake up properly (pre phone check) will set you up for a day of powerful and intentional interactions. As they say, how you start your day has an effect on how your day continues! Try waking up early, doing some stretches, having your morning coffee while you handwrite a gratitude list or your day’s objectives, and then, once you’re awake feeling great and grateful, then and only then check your phone.


The pen, it turns out, really is mightier than the sword! Neuroscience teaches us that the part of the brain that lights up when you write with a pen, the RAS (Reticular Activating System) helps you to define what’s really important and uses parts of the brain that go untouched when typing. While that’s amazing, we also think it’s worth a mention that writing with a pen on paper also eliminates the infinite number of distractions that inevitably pop up when you type on your computer or phone. Try writing with laser-like focus for 20 minutes at a time (with your gadgets off) and let us know how good you feel!


These days it’s not uncommon to have 30 + tabs open on your computer or going between several apps at once on your phone! Being a digital multitasker means we can shoot off an email or pop a like or a comment from even the most private of places, and well, there’s a cost! As fast as the online world seems to be scrolling past, remember, trying to do everything at once, often results in not having done anything of value. Take your digital commitments one step at a time, take a deep breath and think quality, not quantity.. Oh! And while it’s tempting, try and leave your phone on your desk when you go to the loo.


We know that being plugged in and switched on all day can lead to burn-out and stress as your brain tries to figure out so many things at once! As awesome as social media is (we love it!) it is absolutely necessary to unplug, slow down and reconnect with yourself and the people who are physically there with you and of course, with nature! We recommend planning your social media posts out in advance so that you’re intentional about what to post and when…This allows you to take regular breaks from socials throughout the day. Try and set aside at least one full hour a day where you do something healthy for your body and mind, such as taking a walk outside or heading to the gym to get physical. This can really put things into perspective and help you switch off and reconnect to YOU.

We hope you enjoyed this blog!

Let us know if you have any other favourite tips for digitally detoxing!


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