Mental Health + Social Media

Mental health is the new hot topic for social media businesses and now Pinterest wants to help you show compassion to yourself and ease your stress…

Mental Health is the New Social Media Hot Topic

Social media impacts on your mental health. This is something that was previously only known by members of the human race who have used any social media platform, but now the platforms themselves are coming to understand it too!


We’ve already discussed Instagram’s supposed foray into our brain’s wellbeing by removing the ‘likes’ button in some countries, and now Pinterest is jumping on the bandwagon with something akin to a virtual pat on the back.

Importantly, I’m not making light of the effort. Mental wellbeing is an important conversation and it’s great that businesses with such a massive audience are expanding the conversation…but the implementation could be better.



Before we look at Pinterest, it would be rude not to mention Instagram’s new warning system, created again, with your mental health in mind. 

Here’s the scenario:

You’ve just come back from a Nazi rally and think to yourself, “Hey self, I’m a horrible person and I think it would be great to post something on Instagram telling a certain portion of the population how horrible they are for the colour of their skin or whatever.”

So, before you can salute your oversized picture of Hitler, you’ve posted a terrible image that breaches Instagram’s terms and conditions…and the minimum requirement for being a decent human.

Now previously, you’d get banned from Instagram for being, you know, a Nazi, but even pond scum has feelings apparently, so Instagram will now send you a lovely little warning first to point out your accidental hate speech.

How nice.

Back to Pinterest, where the best knitting tips flourish.

Here’s another scenario, but this time you’re not a Nazi, you’re a real human. You’re feeling down the dumps about something and end up – as is normally the case – scrolling through Pinterest.

As you move past ’14 Tops Tips for the Perfect Bush’ (gardening tips, get your mind out of the gutter) something catches your eye…you’re being offered some resources to assist you in showing compassion to yourself.

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Now here’s why this is a bit funny: the user experience is very much Pinterest being Pinterest. 

You know those ‘wikihow’ things that show you how to make a potato salad or “How to Change a Tire: 14 Steps (with Pictures)?”

Oooooh! Pictures!

That’s what you’re going to get. Again, it’s not terrible, and it’s brilliant that they’re trying something, but I think the implementation leaves a little to be desired.

We’ll keep you up to date as Facebook and Snapchat inevitably jump on this trend…hopefully in hilarious fashion.


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