How Artificial Intelligence is Going to Change the Way You Post on Social Media

Thinking about using AI to craft your social media posts? Read this first!

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Artificial intelligence is about to revolutionize your approach to social media marketing. In fact, it’s already happening. Interested in finding out how AI can be a game changer for your social strategy and content creation approach? Keep reading!

Using artificial intelligence tools, it is now possible to generate AI social media posts that not only take your audience and niche into account but also engage directly with SEO best practices and algorithmic processes to make your social media content more powerful than ever before.

When you understand how to use AI to create social media posts, you can shave hours off your content creation time while making the most of amazing reach and engagement benefits that help you continue to grow your accounts. Win-win!

Wondering how you can get started with social-savvy AI tools? Never fear! Plann has the answers you’ve been searching for to help you get started.

Your Ultimate Social Media Wingman, Plann’s AI Caption Generator

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Your Ultimate Social Media Wingman, Plann’s AI Caption Generator


What is AI technology?

Artificial intelligence is a relatively new innovation that relies on advanced technologies to produce a machine-driven simulation of human intelligence. Sound confusing? It’s more straightforward than it sounds.

Here’s how it works: AI systems read and digest huge amounts of data, and use this information to identify patterns. Thanks to machine learning, AI actually gets smarter and more accurate over time. That’s because the more information the system has to play with, the more reliable its outputs become.

Increasingly, artificial intelligence is becoming a part of day-to-day life, featuring in a range of industries and sectors. That includes content creation for social media platforms!

What artificial intelligence means for social media

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool for social media marketers (and anyone using social media platforms for business), providing new and intelligent ways to adapt social media strategies and create social posts that audiences love.

Using AI, you can benefit from algorithm-informed content creation tools, as well as smart scheduling tools and advanced audience insights.

Many social media AI tools are able to extract audience-targeting information and historical post data to help with both content creation and repurposing your existing content.

AI tools use an analytics dashboard to generate corresponding text information. You can use this content in many ways, from sharing it as a blog post to writing product descriptions, producing ad copy, creating web content, and beyond

Of course, you can also use AI across your social media pages. AI systems can use machine learning to produce short-form ad copy and captions that are rich with keywords. You can even use an ai voice generator to create time-synced realistic voice overs for videos on your social media (Tik Tok, video explainer, etc.).

Goodbye, DIY drafting. Hello, automatic Instagram captions!

Why AI tools aren’t always the best way to create content for your social media channels

Before we go any further, we want to call out a very important point: AI shouldn’t be the only tool you use to create social media content.

While these tools can be helpful in coming up with post ideas and helping you repurpose past marketing assets, it has their limitations. A big one is that AI can’t accurately capture your brand’s unique tone of voice or add personal anecdotes to your social content.

While AI tools can generate content, the content and copy it creates aren’t unique. That’s why it’s important to use this kind of software to support your content creation, not manage the entire process from end-to-end.

Understanding ChatGPT

In the world of social media, ChatGPT is one of the tools that is quickly gaining recognition and popularity. ChatGPT is an AI system that leverages natural language processing to help users generate personalized responses and content ideas.

Using the ChatGPT interface, you can input a selection of keywords relevant to your brand, industry, and mission. You might include key details about your target audience or the purpose of your post.


understanding chatgpt


Based on the information you provide, ChatGPT can create a list of caption ideas that align with SEO needs and get your message across clearly and succinctly, all at just the press of a button!

Using ChatGPT, you can create written content to accompany your visual social media assets, and you can plan to maximize online reach and engagement in support of a growing digital presence.

The best thing is that ChatGPT is completely free! This means that users can get started with AI technology without breaking the bank.

It’s important to remember that there can be a steep learning curve with platforms like ChatGPT and the responses you get are only as good as the direction you give the platform. With that in mind, it’s worth experimenting with these content creation tools first before using these as a key part of your social media marketing workflow.

How Plann’rs can benefit from ChatGPT

Anyone can use artificial technology tools to take content planning and creation to a whole new level, working across all major platforms. Some of the key benefits of these tools include:

Save time

One of the best benefits of AI is its ability to save you the time you’d otherwise spend manually producing social media content.

AI writer tools work across multiple languages to handle all copy-related aspects of your social media posts, so you can stop worrying about what it takes to find the right words to express your brand and its mission.

Using an AI platform, you can create high-quality content, including social media copy, that knows your audience and understands how best to communicate your ideas. This lets you take a more hands-off approach to social media management, freeing up extra time for your other projects.

But again, remember that its still important to add a personal touch to your social content and not let AI do all the work for you. Authenticity is key to winning trust!

Optimize content

Similarly, AI is designed to help you optimize social media posts, helping you achieve the best possible reach and engagement rates for your social content.

Incorporating keywords and creating content that addresses your marketing needs, AI learns how to generate communications that strike a balance between prioritizing readers and the algorithms that help you reach them. This allows you to make the best of both worlds!

With natural language generation tools helping you write your social posts, you can trust in your social media strategy and be the first on board when new technologies arise to make content sharing even easier.

Harness social data

AI tools offer an easy way for social media managers to create content that responds directly to insights, metrics, analytics, and other social media data.

By providing data-driven recommendations for your content, AI technology can understand what formats and communication styles work best for your audience, with machine learning relying on existing content to inform new posts.

This is a great tool, as it allows you to refine your approach on social media all while recommending content ideas and post topics that align with your goals and even helping you choose the most optimal content posting times.

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And more!

That’s not all that AI can do! From social media captions to long-form content, AI can help you quickly and easily generate written content that supports your brand’s ongoing growth.

Right now, AI is rising in popularity fast and is becoming a usable option across a range of activities. That means that there’s plenty of innovation left in store. In the coming months and even years, you can expect new AI tools that help you create more engaging content than ever before.

Kickstart your journey with Plann

If you’re keen to give AI social media posting a try, why not get started with a little help from Plann? Sign up for a free 7-day trial of Plann now and streamline your content creation and scheduling process.


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