9 Incredible Self-Care Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Inject a dose of self-care into your feed with these 10 must-follow Instagram accounts.

Shannon Jade
5 minutes read

Welcome to the year of wellness! This year, self-care is more than just a trend: it’s a lifestyle taking every social platform by storm. 

Sharing content that motivates, inspires, and encourages people to take better care of themselves, our favorite self-care Instagrammers are doing important work. From practical tips to fresh perspectives on the world we live in, there’s so much to learn from the self-care gurus. 



Want to add a little more self-care to your life? Check out some of the best self-care Instagram accounts to get you started on your journey to a happier, healthier you. 

1. @selfcaredco 


Self Cared Co is home to incredible tips and tricks that can help you take control of your wellbeing and look after your mental health. 

This account is full of tailored advice and recommendations to help Instagram users learn to live their best life. From reminders that it’s okay to feel your feelings to practical self-care tips you can apply instantly, Self Cared Co offers a little bit of everything.

From wellness gift guides to save-worthy Reels packed with daily motivational tips, this account knows how to utilize Instagram’s platform features to build an engaged community

And that’s not all. This Instagram account is connected to an amazing self-care store, where you can treat yourself to a range of curated products designed to support a wellness boost.

Follow @selfcaredco

2. @tealnbronze


Self-care is on trend, which means that there’s never been a better time to purchase your favorite wellbeing products from the best brands on Instagram. 

Teal N Bronze offers ethical body care products that are formulated to nourish and enrich. This cruelty-free range makes it easy to look after you and commit to regular pampering sessions – all in the name of self-care, of course.

Beyond Teal N Bronze’s product range, the brand’s Instagram presence is a hub for inspiration and positivity reminders that are sure to keep you feeling like the best version of yourself with every social scroll sesh. 

Follow @tealnbronze.

3. @cultivating.care

cultivating care

Get your self-care tips from the experts! Cultivating Care is hosted by Dr. Morgan Gilley, a holistic occupational therapist and cancer survivor on a mission to promote a world of wellness. 

From personal stories and anecdotes to actionable self-care tips and reminders to practice self-empathy, this account offers everything you need to transform your mindset. You’ll even find innovative healing techniques and chances to build your wellness network. 

The Cultivating Care Instagram account is designed to help ordinary people live extraordinary lives, and it all begins with being just a little kinder to ourselves. Expect inspiring Reels, save-worthy quotes and practical self-care tips shared as carousels and infographics.

Follow @cultivating.care.

4. @wellbeing_magazine

well being magazine

Looking for your next read? Wellbeing Magazine is an excellent resource, packed with tips and tricks designed to support better health and wellbeing.

This Instagram account is a simplified version of what Wellbeing readers love most about the magazine. The account includes snapshots from popular articles, as well as offering diet, exercise, and mindset advice and ideas.

From yoga poses to homesteading hacks, the Wellbeing Magazine Instagram account truly has something for everyone, no matter what self-care looks like for you.

Follow @wellbeing_magazine

5. @graceygrossman

gracey grossman

It’s time to unlock some real wellbeing strategies! Gracey Grossman is a yoga and wellbeing coach seeking to bring positivity to the ‘gram.

Sharing uplifting quotes and actionable self-care strategies, Gracey helps her followers chill out and cheer up with wellness habits that are easy to incorporate as part of a busy daily life. This means that wellness really is for everyone!

Gracey doesn’t just motivate her Instagram followers. She’s also written a book, where readers can learn more about her approach to happiness, health, and self-care.

Follow @graceygrossman

6. @pinkhibiscusoz 

pink hibiscus

Skin care is self-care! Pink Hibiscus Skincare and Wellbeing are putting in the work to help Instagrammers understand the importance of an effective skincare routine. 

This brand has plenty of soothing, nourishing skin products to share with the world, from moisturizers and balms to candles and gua sha tools. Pink Hibiscus is all about the impact of a home spa treatment in helping people look and feel their best. 

Ever need a reminder to keep up with your skincare and make time to look after you? The Pink Hibiscus Instagram account will never let you forget the value of putting self-care first.

Follow @pinkhibiscusoz

7. @selfcarewithwall

selfcare with wall

Searching for a daily dose of inspiration? Look no further than the Self Care with Wall Instagram account!

This Insta feed is full of motivational quotes and concepts that serve to remind you of your own power, as well as help you look for the good in the world. From street signs to post-it notes to graffiti walls, positivity is around every corner if you know how to find it.

Self Care with Wall brings together a community of 2.9 million people who want to be reminded of self-care, happiness, and optimism each and every day.

Follow @selfcarewithwall.   

8. @selfcarespotlight  

selfcare spotlight

Bright, cheery, and helpful. These are the pillars of the Self-Care Spotlight Instagram account, where you can find plenty of colorful quotes and illustrations designed to promote wellness.

This optimistic Instagram account offers regular affirmations and self-care strategies that help Instagram users learn to strive for better mental wellbeing. Doctoral student Steph, who runs the account, is proud to give people a reason to take care of themselves. 

Whether you need a positivity boost to get you through the day or love to start the morning with an uplifting statement, this Instagram account has exactly what you’re searching for.

Follow @selfcarespotlight.   

9. @ohhowkind

oh how kind

Get ready to take action on your journey to wellness with Oh How Kind’s motivating self-care community. 

This Instagram account is all about strategy. The brand shares prompts and affirmations that teach followers how to live better and prioritize their wellbeing. From fun fashion to helpful advice, Oh How Kind always knows how to lift spirits and boost positivity. 

If you’re still at the beginning of your self-care journey, the Oh How Kind Instagram account offers an inclusive environment where you can start the experience.

Follow @ohhowkind

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