Is Your Digital Strategy Your Business Strategy

Your digital strategy and your business strategy are best friends and like to work together to boost your business! Learn more today

5 reasons it needs to be. 

While it might sound a tad crazy, a lot of people still don’t know the power of, or formula to posting online, especially for online marketing purposes! And with social media being literally the front door to your brand or business these days, here are a few reasons why your digital strategy needs to not only get along with, but be the same as your business strategy. 

> To build credibility and create rapport: One of the first things many people do these days when they hear of a new product or person is to look them up on Instagram. This is why your social media strategy should really match and mirror, or complete and compliment your business strategy. So that it helps you to connect with your audience online, and inspire reliability and relationship across all platforms, be that between your website, online shops or socials.


> To clearly explain what it is you do. In the clutter of the online world, people will know if they want to follow you within about 20 seconds of seeing your Instagram feed, so make sure that yours is clear and concise but true to you! From your bio to URL, profile pic and first 9 squares; Clarity is key. We want people to want to follow you because they know what it is you do. We want people to feel like they know you and feel like they can buy from you, so clarity across and between your strategies is key.

> To direct your followers to your offerings.Think of this as holding hands and leading your followers where it is that you want them to go… The main reason businesses implement a social media strategy in the first place is to leverage the large amount of traffic that social networks attract each day. You want to make sure your content reflects your business intent and that your posts lead your potential customers where you need them to go, be it your website, address or shop. The call to action from your social media strategy should be strong enough to lead people where you want them to go and have them convert to paying customers.

The Ultimate Strategy Guide
The Ultimate Strategy Guide

How to reverse engineer your way social media success

>To measure your results. One of the best things about marketing online is that you can test and measure your results with relative ease. Plann has advanced analytics tools built-in, such as showing you your best performing posts, engagement rates over specific time frames, best-performing hashtags, colour pallets and more. You can also view your analytics in the backend of your Facebook business page or Instagram business page. Once you see what works and what isn’t working, you should be able to adjust your social media strategy and your business strategy accordingly to get results.

> Because you love it.Honestly, this is one of the main things that will help your businesses succeed; having someone onboard who just loves what it is that they do. Your passion for your business or brand will come through in all that you do. So if you are struggling to find the love for building your social strategy or business strategy, take some time to realign your visions and values to connect with what it is you really want to achieve big picture, so that you can literally be the creator of a successful brand and business that emanates good vibes online. Because people come to your social media to check you out, but they stay because of how you make them feel.

Have fun with it!

Take some time to plan out your social media and business strategy and don’t forget, Plann has a built-in strategy tool, to help you match up your posting schedule with your business strategy.

It couldn’t be easier! Let us know how you go with these 5 tips!

Happy Planning!


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