The Secret To Building An Engaged Community On Social Media With Rom-Com Author, Karina May

Learn how to build an online community of like-minded people with rom-com author Karina May.

Lucinda Starr
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Social media can be a pretty powerful tool for creators, brands and small business owners to build communities of like-minded people. 

For emerging authors looking to get their words in front of the right audience, social media marketing is a no-brainer. Not only can authors tap into the thriving #Bookstagram scene on Instagram, but they can build anticipation and excitement for their upcoming book releases. 

No one knows this better than rom-com author Karina May who just recently published her debut book, Under the Influence.

Before diving into the world of writing, Karina worked as a digital marketer for some companies you know and love (including Showpo and CocoRepublic). Fun fact: Karina was our very own Chief Marketing Officer here at Plann!

As an email marketing specialist and digital copywriter, Karina helps small businesses and start-ups leverage digital channels to increase growth

In this chat, we dive into how authors, writers and creatives can find success on social media and build a loyal audience. Let’s learn more about Karina’s story!  



Harnessing social media to build your brand 

“I started building my author brand on Instagram before I had a book ready to launch into the world! I started my @karinamaywrite Instagram account to begin engaging with the writing and #Bookstagram community. 

I’d make sure I commented on content that I liked or responded to stories via DMs to start real conversations. I re-shared and posted content from the community, as well as created content of my own.”  

Using social media to foster a community of like-minded people


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“What I love most about social media is that I can tap directly into the community that I feel a part of. I also love how inspired it can make me feel, often I may not feel like writing or editing, but I see a Reel of someone feeling similarly, or sharing a productivity tip and I instantly feel understood and seen – like ‘I can do this!’

It’s really the only community I have at this point in time. I have started an email list which I know I should be focused on growing but Instagram and TikTok make it so easy! I can connect instantly with like-minded people in the book and writing communities.” 

Life before and after Plann

“When life got busy (like book release time) I would completely neglect socials – which is the most important time for direct sales!

I don’t post on my grid that frequently, but Plann has helped me stay consistent on my Stories. I love the in-built editing tools, so I can do a quick finesse and ensure my content looks somewhat presentable before posting!” 

Curating beautiful aesthetics on social media


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A post shared by Karina May 📝 (@karinamaywrite)

“l wouldn’t say I personally have a “beautiful aesthetic” myself, but I do think sticking to a few colors helps with a cohesive look. I love using pinks and purples, and often include flowers or floral patterns in my content – which pairs nicely with the whole romance author schtick!”   

Karina’s favorite Plann features


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A post shared by Karina May 📝 (@karinamaywrite)

“I’m a big fan of Plann’s strategy tool. It helps me feel organized and strategies help by mapping out the types of content I want to produce. 

I know that my community loves hearing about the behind-the-scenes of the publishing world, including the nitty-gritty not-so-nice parts, so including ‘Behind-the-scenes’ as part of my posting strategy reminds me to talk about more than just the wins with my audience.

I think the in-built editing tools are completely underrated, and I also love how I can pull assets directly from Canva. I also love the new TikTok workspace, which is perfect for adding future TikTok ideas for when I have a spare moment to batch create content.”  

Karina’s top tips for making the most of social media in 2022

“I think to execute now and think later! Most of the social media platforms favour early adopters of their new features – be that Instagram Reels, or whatever their latest update is! I would also say to jump in and give TikTok a go. It could be really big in your niche – as it is for BookTok.” 

What’s next for Karina? 


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A post shared by Karina May 📝 (@karinamaywrite)

“My debut novel Under the Influence is out now with HarperCollins and in 2023 I’ll excitingly have two books out with Pan Macmillan – so lots happening, and lots of good stuff to talk about on my socials!” 

Ready to supercharge your success on social media?

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