No One Is You And That Is Your Power: Meet Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher realised that the more she embraced her quirky personality, her personal experiences and ‘being real’ online, the more business would boom!

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If you haven’t heard the words Jenna Kutcher + Instagram used in the same sentence we could possibly accuse you of not being on Instagram enough.

Jenna has grown a beautiful, highly engaged following over the last few years, growing her business from a local wedding photographer, into a million dollar personal brand.

Running an award winning photography business wasn’t enough, she branched out into social media education and podcasting too to reach the masses.

A cheerleader for creatives, she gives away a huge amass of knowledge and is growing in popularity due to embracing and sharing her infectious personality, her strength in body image and personal challenges with fertility – in short, she uses being human and reliability as her super power.

If you’re ever feeling like you’ve got too much to do, Jenna’s right there with you – here’s how she handles her workload, her life, her loves and her social media.

jenna-kutcher-instagram-photography-feedJenna Kutcher, we’re excited!

What made you fall In love with Instagram?

I think the visual aspect of it is what initially pulled me into Instagram but the community aspect kept me coming back.

There’s something so special about writing a legacy post by post. I want my feed to not just be visually stunning but an invitation to be a part of my story, the one that I am writing every single day.

What’s Your Secret Superpower That Makes People Resonate With You?

Oh goodness, I mean, naps are my true superpower but I think the ability to show that I’m not perfect in a way that encourages other people to “come as they are” into life, online, and definitely on Instagram.

It’s about revealing the “imperfections” without making it feel heavy or messy for others but instead, it is a gentle reminder that they aren’t alone.

(Pssst, are you in love with Jenna Kutcher already?)

Grief is a lot like waves crashing on the shore. Some days you can stand in awe as they strike, watching their power from afar and some days it sucks you in and pulls you under. I feel like this trip has been all about surrendering for me. As the due date of our first baby comes up again, I’m reminded of the waves but this time, I find myself not fighting them but swaying with them, peacefully letting them take me. I laid on my bed the other day, my hand on my belly and I just let go. I felt like the universe swallowed me whole into the beauty of life and that God was reminding me that his delays are not his denials. I’ve been running and working and hiding for too long and I feel like now I can watch the waves and trust in their timing. Can you relate? Where are you at with the waves today? In this life we are all riding the waves, today I am waving at ya from the shore to remind you that wherever you’re at, you’re not alone. ? #kutchersinkihei #ihadamiscarriage #rememberingbabykutch

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What’s It Like Opening Up On Social Media And Just Being Yourself?

The more I do it, the easier it is for me to really put it out there.

I think my soul felt really disconnected as my following grew but it was only because my photos were pretty, white bright lay flats.

I knew there was SO much more to ME, to Jenna Kutcher, to my life, to my story and so I slowly started stepping out and sharing that and it resonated far deeper than any perfectly styled image.

As a photographer, I am visual and I want to post beautiful things but my words will always, always answer my biggest question: why does this matter?

In other words, in order to have a successful Instagram photography feed, you have to make sure your pictures tell a story.

Do You Have Boundaries About What You Do and Don’t Talk About on Social Media When it Comes to Your Personal Life?


Anything I tell, anything I share has to be centered from MY heart. I think this is an important factor in my Instagram photography account.

No one else can be the butt of the joke, it’s not my place to share other people’s experiences, my feed is mine and mine alone in the sense that what I share is MY heart, my perspective, and the way that my story is unfolding.

Spontaneous pit check… passed ? But seriously: let’s have a quick talk. Lately, when I see women with fuller figures or in the double digit pant size stepping out with confidence, I see so much love and support and rallying and it legit makes me want to cry my eyes out… But sometimes the comments of celebration can hurt or shame others without intending it. I know when you say things like “real bodies” it’s more in utter excitement of seeing a body you can actually relate to but I want to remind us that EVERY body is a real body. The size 2’s are as real as the 22’s and every size in between and if we REALLY want change we have to open our eyes and celebrate EVERY body. Instead of rallying around only the women we can relate to, let’s support ALL women and get behind the brands that are showing real bodies of all shapes and sizes without retouching a thing (Hey, @aerie ??!) Now that’s something we can all come together and celebrate! You in? Tag accounts below that make you love yourself a little more so we can all fill our feeds with good reminders of self-love! ????‍❤️‍?‍? #aeriereal

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Have You Ever Felt the Pressure to Be Someone Else on Social Media? How Did You Combat Those Feelings?

Honestly, I can confidently say “not anymore.”

It’s too exhausting and as we’ve battled with a lot of grief after losing two babies in two years. I feel like I am in energy preservation mode and pressure for social media serves no spot in my life, in my business, or in my mind. I’ve had to create healthy boundaries to get to this point but right now I am really focusing on keeping my head down and doing MY best work which has been a total game changer.

Only YOU are in control of your social media experience and so you have to take accountability for that and take charge. Only you are in control of how people see your Instagram photography feed.

When did you realise that the more ‘Jenna Kuther’ you were, -the better it was for your business?

For the longest time I desired to blend in — I wanted to look like EVERYONE else because I was afraid people would call me on my bluff and call me a “fraud.”

I think we all totally struggle with fraud syndrome because let’s be honest, a lot of us are doing things we never thought we would be doing. I never went to school or got certified in anything that I am currently doing right now BUT I am certified in being ME, in being the authentic Jenna Kutcher.

I realized that the things that made me different were the things that made me stand out and be memorable. I didn’t just want to be known for my craft, I wanted to be remembered for who I am as a human.

When Did You Realize You Could Share Your Brain and Help Others Do the Same?

I realized it over margaritas with a friend who was so stinking talented, but not able to make a living from her craft.

I didn’t understand what I had done so differently to build a 6-figure business in three years flat, while some artists were out there for decades not making enough to get by. It was then that I realized that I truly had a different system and that system obviously was working.

I dove into how I could help impact the world in the biggest ways and it wasn’t just through my images, it was through teaching other people to be empowered in doing what they love… and getting paid to do so.


What’s the Biggest Mistake You See People Making on Instagram?

Not telling a story!

Again, I believe that behind every successful Instagram photography account there has to be a story that makes people get a better understanding of what’s going on.

It pains me to see a pretty photo partnered with a caption that holds only emojis and hashtags. Every image has a story, every human is living a story, and when people aren’t telling that in their captions it breaks my heart.

I know, I know, not everyone is a writer and you don’t have to write long paragraphs like me (I swear, I’m trying to get better!) BUT before I post I always ask myself: who is this serving, why does this matter, and am I doing this story justice? Those are the guidelines for each post before I hit publish.

Hi or should I say Aloha, I’m Jenna. ?? I’m happier than a dog with his head hanging out the window! I’m obsessed with Mac and Cheese, I live in spandex, and I split my time between the island life and Midwest small town life. I love taking naps, I’m turning into a yogi, and trashy TV is my guilty pleasure. I’m the weirdo who pets every dog I see, I wear SPF 50, and I spill my best biz secrets into a microphone on the @goaldiggerpodcast. I stick my freckled nose into books everyday, I love any outfits that don’t require a bra and I memorize the moles on @kickingitwithkutch’s face every morning. Yup, that about sums me up! Tell me about you, I wanna know a fun fact I wouldn’t know about you from your scrolling your squares. ?????

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Who Do You Think is Doing Great Things on Instagram When it Comes to Growing a Community and Building a Business?

Oh man, so many incredible people come to mind.

Obviously The Rising Tide Society which is founded by a dear friend of mine, Natalie, and it’s allllll about that community movement. I also love watching friends like Ashley of The Shine Project live her story out loud and invite others to join in on it. I’m a GIANT fan of Aerie and their push for body confidence and their ability to show beautiful, empowered women no matter their shape/size/race!


Free Storytelling Guide: 30 Questions To Help You Tell Your Brand Story
Free Storytelling Guide: 30 Questions To Help You Tell Your Brand Story


If People Want to Take Their Instagram Game to the Next Level, Where Do You Think They Should Start?

I mean, of course I am going to tell you to tune into my free training on the subject of “How to Convert Followers into Paying Clients” because what good is a number under your name if it’s not showing up in your income.

But I also think some positive self-reflection and setting boundaries on the app is a brilliant place to start.

How is it serving your life?
How are you serving your audience?
And what is the story you want to tell as you publish each post?

Ok. We’re stinking inspired. 

One look at Jenna Kutchers Instagram account and you can see with over 150k followers, and a MASSIVE engagement rate, she really talks the talk.

Inspired to be more YOU?
Download Plann on iOS (or Android!) and see what telling your personal story could visually look like.



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