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How Plann Helped Danielle Zeman Turn SweetCheeks Cookies and Cakes From A Hobby Into Her Main Hustle

When it comes to premium branded sweet treats, no one does them better than Aussie-based SweetCheeks Cookies and Cakes. For over 13+ years, Founder Danielle Zeman and her team have been crafting luxe branded treats for businesses and brands Australia-wide. The secret to her success? Using a visual-first platform like Instagram to build a thriving business.

From Side Hustle To Full-Time Founder

While pursuing a career as a music teacher, Danielle began offering private lessons in cookies and cake decorating. After sharing her creations on Instagram, she began to receive calls asking for custom cookies and cakes. Before she knew it, Danielle was able to step into her business, SweetCheeks Cookies and Cakes, full-time and turn her hobby into her main hustle.

I’ve gone from a one-woman part-time business eight years ago, to now being full-time with two part-time staff.


Danielle Zeman


Attracting Dream Clients

SweetCheeks’ success happened through the power of organic social media marketing. In fact, Danielle didn’t have to chase clients in the early days: her marketing on social media helped her catch the eye of huge brands and companies.

Our first big one, and continues to be probably our biggest one today, is Tiffany & Co. We’ve been creating their cookies for all their Australian stores for over 5 years now. We’ve also created and continue to create cookies for Dior, Ferragamo, Gucci, Lulu Lemon, Forever New, and too many more to mention.


Danielle Zeman


Even before Danielle had a clear growth strategy for her business, she knew the kinds of clients she was trying to attract: people who were interested in her custom sweet treats and those who were likely to place an order.

Generating 30% Of Leads From Instagram

These days (and actually since Plann came into my life) I do have much more of a set social media plan which basically revolves around Instagram, and I am addicted to keeping it that way.


Danielle Zeman


As a visual-first brand, Danielle was on the hunt for a visual planning solution that could help her strategically build her business. That’s why attracted her to Plann, giving her access to visual planning tools, a powerful hashtag manager and advanced performance analytics to help the SweetCheeks team track the success of their content.

“This app ticks so many boxes – I can load the photos, plan the LOOK and style of the feed, I can develop HASHTAG banks… I can manage the FREQUENCY at which we post, and now has a few handy STATS like growth and the best time of the week/day to post based on my best performing previous posts.”

Danielle’s Top Tips For Brands On Instagram

  • Keep your feed cohesive and consistent

    “Use color blocking to make [your grid] very easy on the eyes, very pleasurable for people to look and scroll through. I don’t want them to just double-tap the one photo that comes up in their feed – I want them to scroll and keep scrolling because they love everything they see.”

  • Craft CTAs that drive immediate action

    “We ALL love a freebie – so if the call to action has a deal or something attached to it e.g ‘call/DM/email now to receive free shipping for your order’ it always gets noticed more, creates more urgency to actually do something.”



Sweet Cheeks Cookies & Cakes


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“So much information packed into a small amount of time”
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