How to Turn TikTok Views into Website Visits and Conversions

Ready to convert your TikTok viewers into customers? Let’s show you how!

TikTok is currently the world’s most popular downloaded app, generating the highest engagement rate per post compared to all other social media platforms. That’s impact!

Your TikTok strategy can have incredible marketing power when you know how to implement it well. The right approach can help you engage your target audience effectively and easily turn video views into website traffic, even leading to greater sales conversions.

Where should you begin when it comes to attracting your TikTok viewers to your website and other sales channels? You ask; Plann answers! Follow these steps to get started.



Set up your TikTok business account

A TikTok business account is critical in setting you up for success and driving more website visitors than ever! The app’s business features are designed to provide you with access to extra marketing tools, including a detailed analytics dashboard.

Business Account

First, download the TikTok app, and use your email address or phone number to sign up for an account.

Once your account is up and running, navigate to your profile, and tap the ellipsis symbol at the top right of your screen.

Scroll down, and choose to switch to a business account before saving your changes and exiting the settings menu.

With a TikTok business account, you can add important brand details, including your business name and contact details, as well as a website link that will appear at the top of your profile.

Curate your TikTok marketing strategy

As always, social media success starts with a strong content strategy! You need to create engaging content that appeals to your target audience in meaningful ways, all while working as a way to encourage users to take the next step in the buyer’s journey.

Start by identifying your target audience and considering what kind of content is most likely to appeal to your community. Set realistic goals, and know how to measure them.

Develop a list of content pillars that align with your business niche and brand values. Think about ways to communicate your offer and get your audience interested in visiting your website.

Using a social media planning and scheduling tool, like Plann, to create a plan for your content. Include a mix of video styles and approaches that resonate with your brand and attract viewers to your profile and website link.

A well-curated content strategy gives you the best chance of using organic marketing to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. The key is to make sure every post you share on TikTok has a clear goal and purpose to maximize the chance of viewers turning into website visitors.

Make use of hashtags and collaboration opportunities

TikTok’s algorithm is designed to provide great opportunities for you to grow your account, so long as you know how to make the most of them. Hashtags and collaborations can make a big difference to your content reach.

Make use of hashtags and collaboration opportunities

Each time you share a new video on TikTok, add a few highly relevant keywords as hashtags! These can make your content more searchable and easier for users to find on the platform.

Talk to your community. Connect with other users in your niche or industry, and explore opportunities to collaborate on new content that will drive traffic and engagement.

Be clear and targeted. Don’t be afraid to work with TikTok influencers or reach out to TikTok users who might be interested in what your brand can offer.

By working with other relevant accounts, you can organically reach new users, boost your profile viewers and ultimately drive more traffic to your website.

Always create TikTok video content with a clear call to action

Calls to action (CTA) are essential for all of your TikTok videos! You can direct your audience directly to your website, even paving the way to your online store.

Whenever you share a new video, choose a CTA that tells your viewers what steps to take after watching. Be clear, concise, and straight to the point.

Use CTAs that encourage more website traffic! Share a blog post, or link a web page. Show users where they can find more of the value you bring.

Drive traffic to your site by emphasizing the problems your product or service can solve. Use consumer pain points to give your CTAs more impact and urgency.

A good CTA could be the key to getting users off the TikTok platform and onto your own channels, like your online store or website.

Consider using TikTok’s paid advertising campaigns and tools

Sometimes, a paid advertising campaign is the fastest, most effective way to drive more traffic and achieve more sales conversions that help your business succeed. Luckily, TikTok offers a range of native advertising features.

Set up TikTok ads that highlight the best of your business, and create content that appeals to an engaged and motivated buying audience.

Create ads for a custom audience, using TikTok’s in-built ads manager to curate your digital marketing experience.

Use TikTok ads to link users to your website or online store and encourage them to convert. That could be signing up for your app, joining your mailing list or even making a sale.

An effective TikTok ad or ad group can help you earn website traffic quickly. Think of it like amplifying your organic TikTok strategy and content!

Track conversions and consider how you can continue improving

Good marketing never stops, not even when your latest videos are live on your TikTok feed! You need to track your conversions and identify new opportunities to enhance your marketing strategy.

Track conversions and consider how you can continue improving.png

Use your account tools to measure ongoing post performance and track how many website views come directly from your TikTok videos.

Your content performance is a crucial piece of information that’ll help you pick the right posting time for your videos. According to research by Australian firm Marketix, the most popular video categories on TikTok include: dance challenges, lip-syncing and music videos, comedy skits, educational content and DIY and life hacks.

Evaluate your TikTok metrics, and identify which content types and styles are most effective in getting people to visit your website.

Adapt your strategy again and again, using your TikTok analytics to inform your creative decisions now and in the future.

A data-driven approach to social media can help you market with purpose, learning how to serve your audience and achieve the best possible results for your business.

Get started with TikTok marketing like a pro

Are you ready to get started with TikTok marketing for maximum web conversions? The key is to ensure you’re showing up consistently on TikTok with a clear posting schedule.

Sign up now for a FREE 7-day trial of Plann Pro, and turn your TikTok followers into paying customers.


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