TikTok Launches Branded Effects + Exciting New Updates From Your Favorite Social Media Platforms

Keep up to date on all your favorite apps and platforms with brand-new features, news, and updates.

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Looking to take your social media marketing to the next level? You’re in luck because your favorite social media platforms have been working hard to make engaging with your audience even easier. 

From TikTok’s latest Branded Effects feature (which connects brands and TikTok effect creators) to LinkedIn’s new Suggested Posts tab (which finally introduces algorithmically powered posts) there’s a bunch of news and updates to keep up with. 

Luckily, we’re rounding up all the news, updates, and features to keep you on top of your social media game.  



TikTok launches new Branded Effects feature for businesses and marketers 

Looking to take your marketing campaign to the next level? TikTok’s new Branded Effects feature will let you do just that by allowing brands to collaborate with TikTok effect creators to design custom AP effects. 

Brands can join forces with effect creators to build, create and design new effects for marketing campaigns that include specific features like customer audience targeting and calls to action.

TikTok also says Branded Effects allow brands and businesses to boost engagement with wider audiences through paid branding traffic solutions and place their Branded Effects in the trending tab of the effect panel. 

Brands can utilize this new feature in various ways, from branded stickers and frames to letting users virtually try on products and more custom effects. Take Microsoft’s WordArt You Branded Effect example, which lets users find out which ‘Word Art’ Style they are. 

TikTok shares new tips on how brands can boost exposure through Topical Communities 

In other news, TikTok has announced new ways brands can optimize their messaging by tapping into communities and subcultures to boost brand awareness and engagement. 

Basically, brands can pinpoint communities relevant to their brand and create marketing strategies around those communities to deliver authentic ads that drive results and impact

eBay is a great example of a brand using Topical Communities with its #SneakerShowdown campaign which targeted the sneakerhead subculture with specific content.

Here’s how you can take advantage of Topical Communities. 

1. Find your community: there are a bunch of different communities and subcultures living on TikTok, so consider finding ones that relate to your brand by using the Keyword Insights Tool or the Top Products Tool which you can access through the Creative Centre

2. Develop a content strategy: next tailor your content strategy to those communities and provide both value and variety in your marketing strategy. TikTok also says creating content specifically for the platform is essential including using TikTok-specific editing techniques and going lo-fi in your content. 

3. Start creating: experiment with formats TikTok users love and are familiar with and align your product messaging during seasonal and major trending moments where interest is super high. You can find trending hashtags, songs, and creators through the Creative Centre

Instagram shares tips for brands looking to maximize DMs

Instagram is sharing even more tips for brands who want to optimize their DMs with tips and tricks on using direct chats to keep your audience engaged. 

Instagram says you can build and nurture relationships and drive sales through personal connections at every stage of the customer journey through these different ways. 

• Connect with your audience: adding a Send Message button to your profile makes it easier for customers to get in touch with your brand and add an IG.me link on your website and emails to direct customers to your DMs. 

• Use ads to start more conversations: create ads that click straight to your DMs and direct people to your DMs through in-feed and Story placements that encourage your audience to learn more or make a purchase in the DMs. 

• Integrate seamless messaging across all channels: use the Meta Business Suite Inbox to manage your messaging across all Meta platforms and add automated responses to your DMs including instant replies, away messages, and FAQs. 

There are plenty more tips and tricks provided by Instagram which go into more detail about how you can grow your business with Instagram messaging

LinkedIn introduces algorithmically suggested in-stream posts 

You probably already know that most apps use algorithms to suggest and recommend posts. But it looks like LinkedIn has joined the party with its new ‘Suggested Posts’ feature that use algorithms to show users posts that align with their interests

This new feature will let users discover even more relevant content that they might not be aware of with the Suggested Posts tab so they can find out more trending topics in their field and spark conversations on topics they’re interested in. 

Aside from getting more content that’s tailored to your interests and industry, this new feature might also be useful in boosting the engagement of your own posts to people who share similar interests

This feature is great for brands, thought leaders, and businesses to jump on trending topics or share their opinions on topics relevant to their industry and reach more people and connect with others in your industry. 

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