Plann’s New Look

With huge dreams to make your social media life easier, we’ve had a facelift!

All of your favorite Plann features are now easier to find, starting with the navigation at the top of the page, giving you more space to Plann.

New Look Navigation:

Plann Notifcation Bar

Highlights Include:

Slide Calendar — a quick way to see your schedule in your workspace.

Animation of the Calendar Slider feature on Plann App

More Analytics — the first phase of bringing you more insights into your growth.

Plann Analytics

All or Scheduled — a new toggle in your phone grid to see what’s scheduled and ready-to-go.

Animation of Enlarged mobile view of Scheduled and unscheduled content

Updated Calendar — easier drag and drop scheduling.

Animation of Calendar view on Plann App

Media Collections — an updated, faster way to nest, organize, and find your content.

Stories Strategy — revised to make it easier to plan your stories in advance.

Plann Stories Scheduling

Focus Notes — added to your strategy tab to stay focused on your goals.

Plann Focus Notes

This exciting new re-design means we have more agility to bring you more features to help your entire Social Media presence. 

Without any outside investors, we’re obsessed with what you need and have a long-term road map to roll out more things to help you.

Plann is 100% funded by our customers which means we get to focus on what you want and not sidetracked by stakeholders telling us what they need.

We’re incredibly grateful for your support of our small, passionate team, and we can’t wait to share what we’re working on next! 


WIth Love,
Christy Laurence, Plann Founder

“So much information packed into a small amount of time”
As an artist, I always knew TikTok was an important platform for me to be on to connect with potential clients. I left this course feeling so confident and excited to create and grow!
Arden Interiors
Jenn Evans

Getting Started with TikTok

Up your TikTok Strategy with
Greta Rose
Greta Rose
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