Everything You Need To Know About Nano Influencers

We’re breaking down exactly what a Nano Influencer is and whether or not your brand should work with them to achieve increased brand awareness and sales.

By now you’ve probably heard the term Nano Influencers thrown around a few times, but what does it really mean?



Today we’re breaking down exactly what a Nano Influencer is and whether or not your brand should work with them to achieve increased brand awareness and sales.

Keen as a bean to learn the truth about these Instagram influencers? Keep on reading!

Everything You Need to Know About Nano Influencers

What is a Nano Influencer?

Oooh, you thought micro influencers were niche? Watch out for these bad boys!

On Instagram, a nano influencer typically has anywhere between 1,000 and 5,000 followers. They are the smallest group of influencers, with very niche audiences who are typically very engaged.

These influencers don’t typically have an Instagram business profile, although it can certainly help them to gain some more credibility in the influencer arena.

The main appeal of Nano Influencers is the connection and closeness that these influencers have to their audience.

Because their accounts don’t yet have mass appeal, these influencers typically have more time to respond to messages and comments and therefore have a more close-knit, personal relationship with each follower.

Followers of Nano Influencers tend to put more of their trust in these influencers, and this can result in a higher conversion rate for sponsored posts. However, it doesn’t always work out that way!

Because Nano Influencers are determined by a certain follower count, even the average joe who isn’t trying to be a well known Instagram personality or ‘blogger’ can be swept up into the industry and painted with the same brush.

This can be dangerous especially if your brand sends a nano influencer product or pays for a sponsored post without any promise of an outcome.

For this reason, when thinking about working with Nano Influencers you should do your research thoroughly before approaching them for a collaboration. And always ask for a media kit!

The Downside of Working with Nano Influencers:

According to Marketing Mag, “Nano influencers are simply providing social proof that the trends tastemakers are setting are being echoed. They may possess engaged followers but their ability to make waves is questionable as their voice does not carry.”

Essentially, the ongoing argument in the marketing space centers around whether or not working with Nano Influencers for a smaller fee (if any fee) will ultimately get you less bang for your buck.

Less followers = less return on investment? You’ve got the be the judge!

Another thing to keep in mind with Nano Influencers is their level of professionalism. It is important to determine whether or not the influencer you plan on working with has a process for collaborations and access to advanced Instagram analytics that will help them and you to track the success of your collaboration.

The worst nightmare of any marketer or brand owner? Collaborating with an influencer and not being able to determine the clear ROI! Ahhhhh!

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So, Should Your Brand Work With Nano Influencers?

In our view, anything from influencer marketing to paid advertising needs to be experimented with on an individual, case by case level – there’s no ‘one size fits all’ marketing strategy!

You may find that Nano Influencers add some real value to your overall Instagram influencer marketing efforts, and if so, that is a win! But don’t be upset if Nano Influencers just aren’t your jam, keep on experimenting and I am sure you’ll find an Influencer Marketing recipe that works for your brand.

While Nano Instagram influencers can be easier to work with from a first-contact and rate-per-post perspective, the savings that you make may not be worth it in the end!

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