Instagram Story Hacks 2024: Changing Background Colors, Resharing Videos & More

Want to know how to change the background on your Instagram stories? Here’s all the epic stories hacks you need to know about.

Shannon Jade
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Ready to up your Instagram game and turn stories into a goldmine for social media success? This guide is for you! 

Often, Instagram story content can be overlooked in favor of posts, Reels, and other content formats. In reality, though, Instagram stories offer amazing opportunities for audience engagement and community building. 

The key to creating successful Instagram stories isn’t just about strategy. Before you can develop an effective approach to story content, it’s important that you understand how to use the full suite of story features. 

Still unsure of where to begin in the complicated world of Instagram stories? Here are the tips and tricks you need to get started right NOW!


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The basics of Instagram stories

If you’re like us here at Plann, your Instagram focus is probably on design and performance. But before you can achieve these goals with stories, you’ll need to know the basics of story functionalities. These are the hacks you’ll need!

Hack 1: How to post an Instagram story

The first thing you need to know is how to post an Instagram story in the first place! To get started, navigate to your Instagram home page, available when you click the home icon at the bottom left of your screen. 

At the top right of your screen, you’ll see three icons. Click the + icon to open a dropdown menu, and select story

To post an existing image, choose media from your camera roll. If you want to create new media, select the camera option. Here, you’ll have access to all of Instagram’s story filters and editing tools!

How to Post an Instagram Story

Hack 2: How to repost a story on Instagram

Want to repost an old Instagram story! To recycle story content, navigate to your profile, and select the three lines at the top-right of your screen. Here, choose archive and stories archive from the top-bar menu.

How to repost an Instagram Story

Scroll up until you find the story you want to reshare. Choose the share option at the bottom of your screen to share the post again.

Hack 3: How to do a boomerang or film hands-free

Once you’ve reached the story creation tool, you can access a range of filming features! Shift your focus to the icon menu on the left side of your screen, and click the arrow at the bottom of the menu to expand.

To film a boomerang, select the infinity symbol. Click the capture button to film a short, automatically repeating boomerang clip. If you want to film a hand-free video instead, navigate back to the left-side menu and choose the encircled-square hand-free icon. Click the capture button to start filming!

How to create a boomerang or film hands-free Instagram

Hack 4: How to share someone’s story on Instagram

On Instagram stories, you can share other Instagram content to your Instagram stories! To share a post, simply navigate to the post you want to share and choose the airplane icon. Then select add post to your story, and hit share.

How to share someone’s story on Instagram

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to share Instagram stories from all other users. You can share stories from users who have tagged your account. To do this, navigate to your inbox and find the tag notification. At the bottom of the image, choose to add to your story, and share

The design

Next up: design! There are so many ways to make your Insta stories stand out from the crowd and align with your account branding. Here are the tools you’ll rely on most and how to use them. 

Hack 1: How to change the background color on Instagram stories

Adding a background color on Instagram stories is easy! First, upload or capture the image you’ll be working with. Then navigate to the top-right of your screen and select the ellipsis icon. From the drop-down menu that appears, choose draw

How to change the background color on Instagram Stories

At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see a selection of colors. Choose your favorite, or press and hold to access a full color slider. Alternatively, use the eyedropper tool to select a color from your image. Once you’ve chosen the right color, press and hold the screen to fill it. You can leave your background as a block color or keep using the draw tool to add artistic designs. 

Hack 2: How to add photos to an Instagram story

If you want to add photos to your Instagram stories, you have a few options. One method is to capture your initial image, then click the notepad icon at the top-right of your screen. Here, scroll down until you find the camera roll option. Select the image you want to add. Tap the image to change its shape!

How to add photos to an Instagram Story

If you’re wondering how to make a collage on an Instagram story, there is an easier way! Before capturing new content, select the layout icon from the left-side menu, and choose your preferred image distribution. Then capture your images directly in the app, watching them appear as you go. 

Hack 3: How to add a link to an Instagram story

Adding links to your stories is easy! Once you’ve captured the image you want to share, choose the notepad icon at the top-right of your screen.

How to add a link to an Instagram Story 1

This will bring up a long list of sticker options. To add a link, scroll down until you find the link option. Click this, and input the link you want to direct users to. Customize your sticker text to something on brand, then click done to add!

How to add a link to an Instagram Story 2

Hack 4: How to add other stickers to Instagram story

Adding other Instagram story stickers is just as simple. Like before, simply capture or upload the image you want to post, then select the notepad icon at the top of your screen.

How to add Stickers to Instagram Stories

When the sticker menu appears, you’ll see a range of options. Here, you can add a location, countdown, question, poll, quiz, gif, sticker, or even your favorite song! 

The engagement

Just sharing stories isn’t enough to make them successful. That’s why it’s important to keep engagement in mind. On Instagram, you get what you give! Here are the story hacks you can use to engage with other users and direct new traffic to your account. 

Hack 1: How to save Instagram stories

Want to save your own Instagram stories? While stories are automatically saved to your Instagram archive, you can also save them to your camera roll. 

To do this, upload your story. Then click to view your published stories, and choose more at the bottom-right of your screen. Here, select save to keep your story content in your phone’s photo library. 

How to Save Instagram Stories

Hack 2: How to like a story on Instagram

Liking is a great way to let someone know that you enjoy their story content, and it’s a great way to make the most of a relatively new Instagram feature. 

To like someone’s Insta story, all you need to do is view it and find the blank heart icon at the bottom-right of the screen. Tap the heart to turn it red. That’s your like!

How to like an Instagram Story

Hack 3: How to engage with story content

Looking for more ways to engage with stories? The best thing you can do is follow the lead of the users you follow. 

When you see story polls, vote! When you see quizzes, take part! To contact a story poster directly, either use the questions sticker to send a message. If no sticker is available, use the send message bar at the bottom of the screen. 

How to Engage with Story Content

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