How To Use Instagram Video Effects To Create The Perfect Story

Have you spotted the new Instagram video effects in Instagram Stories? Well, it’s time to give them a good go

Have you spotted the new Instagram video effects in Instagram Stories? Well, it’s time to give them a good go.

Stories are a massive trend in 2019 and they’re only growing in popularity. Not only is this form of vertical, 24-hour disappearing content taking over the ‘gram, it is also popping up on Facebook!

With Instagram video effects you can add some flair to your stories, create a signature style for your brand and save the edited videos for sharing on Facebook too. Dun dun dun…

There are a bunch to choose from so let’s dive right into it.


How to use instagram video effects

How to Use Instagram Video Effects for Instagram Stories

You can add video effects to your Instagram Story videos either as you’re filming them (in the moment) or, after they’ve been filmed! How cool is that?

We’ve taken a quick video at Plann Brisbane HQ to use as our test video. As you can see, it is a bit bland but we’ve added some unique video effects to really jazz things up.

Ideally, you should use video effects on Instagram Stories to:

– Add creative flair

– Highlight a video of a product, in-store event or even for sneak peeks

– Increase Instagram engagement (give them something worth watching!!)

You can also add video effects to people’s faces in photos and videos, but we’ll discuss that more in a future Plann blog post, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

The Best Instagram Video Effects for Instagram Stories


Here is what our test video looks like without any video effect whatsoever. A bit bland right? With your base video (pre-edit) make sure that it has been filmed in good lighting and has a clear focus.



One of my favorite Instagram Story video effects has to be the Subtle filter that softens everything and gives your face a little bit o’ face tuning.

It’s my go-to for any Instagram Story if i’m not quite sure what video effect (or photo effect) to use.


Another lovely and quite reserved video effect to try is the Bloom filter. It adds a little bit of color and bokeh goodness to your Instagram Stories that is very much appreciated.


If you are an artist or just love adding some extra-creativity to your Instagram Stories, the watercolor video effect is perfect for you.

This one is really fun if you have a lot of vibrant color in your videos.


If your brand colors happen to be the ones featured in this Instagram Story video effect then I reckon it should be one of your go-to’s!

This one is a bit polarising but it can definitely work if you use it wisely.



Got something in the center of your video or photo that you want all the attention to be on? Use this Instagram Stories effect!


Hands up if you are a sucker for black and white films (my hand is going through the roof!).

This filter is a lot of fun, particularly if you are an actor, model or just want to have a bit of old timey fun with your Instagram Stories. This could also be a great effect if you are a comedian who shares skits on Instagram.


Another full-color Instagram Story video effect to keep an eye on!

Again, use this one wisely – it is a LOT, but if your audience fall in love with it, make it one of your signature video effects.


Love a bit o’ color, but not all over the screen? This subtle rainbow is a great addition to your Instagram Stories toolkit.


And finally, I have to mention the Instagram Story video effect ‘Glitter’. It is by far one of my favorites because let’s be honest – I can’t be bothered throwing a bucket of glitter in the air every time I film a video.

Give it a go and see if you fall in love with this filter like I did!

So there you have it, a bunch of Instagram video effects that you can use to add a little something something to your stories.

We’ve only just scratched the surface on all of the video effects on Instagram (and there’s new ones added regularly!) so keep an eye on your stories for all the juicy updates.

Want to schedule your Instagram Stories videos in advance? Give Plann Desktop a try!


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