How to Use Social Media To Increase Website Traffic and Boost Your Sales This Holiday Season

Boost traffic and increase sales with this holiday season, all through the power of social media marketing.

Shannon Jade
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Over the course of the 2022 holiday season, online shoppers spent a whopping $211.7 billion, and that number could be set to rise even further in 2023.

Holiday sales offer incredible opportunities to provide gift ideas and drive traffic to your website, ultimately helping you increase sales and build your brand’s reputation. There are no downsides! So, how can you use social media to boost website traffic and drive conversions during the holidays?

It’s time to get serious about your next seasonal promotion! Here are a few tools, channels, and strategies you can use to drive website traffic and boost your sales results!


How To Get Ahead With Your Social Media Content In Slow Times
How To Get Ahead With Your Social Media Content In Slow Times

Learn how to get more intentional with your posting and how to plan out themed and seasonal content


1. EasyLink


Plann’s very own intuitive EasyLink tool makes it easy to direct people where they need to go, whether that’s to a blog post, a website landing page, or a sign-up form for email marketing campaigns.

Using EasyLink as your link in bio landing page, you can create a well-branded visual list of links relevant to your business and your current offers. This means you can stop worrying about how to use your one bio link wisely on sites like Instagram and TikTok. You’ll have one link that expands to include as many as you need!

Unlike a text-only bio link, EasyLink is:

• Visually engaging: Specifically created for a visual + shoppable impact, we’ll help you make your links standout and convert.

• Time-sensitive: Set your links to appear and disappear without you having to be online, so you never have outdated links

• Linked to your social media content: Manage your social media schedule and your link-in-bio in one beautifully simple interface.

By providing your audience with EasyLink access to your latest sales and promotions, you can easily encourage more website traffic than ever before, encouraging users to take the plunge and make a purchase. All in the spirit of the season, of course!

2. Product Tagging for Instagram

Product Tagging for Instagram (1)

Product tagging Instagram tools allow you to connect your followers directly with the products you want them to buy. No more jumping from one place to another, searching for the right item. This feature allows users to navigate straight to your product’s sales page to convert in just a few taps.

Better yet, Instagram product tagging, available for business accounts, is now possible using Plann scheduling software. You can set your holiday campaigns up for success ahead of time and make shopping easy for all users, even those on mobile devices.

What makes product tags so powerful is their ability to fast-track the buyer journey. In one post, users can discover a new product through an engaging Reel or carousel, discover pricing and product description information and even checkout, within a matter of minutes.

This is especially impactful during the holiday season as you’ll help online shoppers save valuable time during the busiest period of the year.

3. Instagram and Facebook Shop

Instagram and Facebook Shop (1)

Social media platforms offer a wealth of opportunities for generating traffic and promoting holiday sales. The Instagram and Facebook Shop features allow you to make products easy to find and easy to access, starting by finding shoppers in their own environment.

With the Meta shopping tools, you can target both new and repeat customers with effective store listings that link directly to the relevant pages on your website or another sales channel. You can also make the most of search engine optimization for extra search traffic and great discoverability!

Using Instagram and Facebook shopping well allows you to combine your social media strategy with your sales goals. You can help people use platforms they’re already familiar with to buy from your business.

4. Engaging Posts with a Strong CTA on Instagram

Engaging Posts with a Strong CTA on Instagram

Sometimes, it’s not about making the most of special features. In fact, going back to basics can drive serious results from your social media marketing. Creating content with a purpose can help you generate traffic and increase holiday sales exponentially. It’s also a simple, cost-effective solution if you’re a small business owner.

When you create content that speaks to your target audience, you can highlight your value and address consumer pain points.

The key to driving traffic and generating sales from your engaging organic social media content is this: tell your audience what you want them to do with a direct, compelling call to action.

Here are a few CTA ideas to get you started:

• Be the first to experience [name of your product/service]. Score early access by signing up to our mailing list – link in our bio.

• Racing to get your last-minute festive gifting sorted? Use code [XXX] at checkout for FREE express delivery. Link in our bio to shop now!

• Our bestselling [product name] is back in stock – and selling fast! Make it yours now – link in our bio to shop.

5. Pinterest Product Tagging

Pinterest Product Tagging

Pinterest product tagging is the perfect way to generate more referral traffic and encourage holiday sales! As a small business owner, the Pinterest algorithm acts as a search engine, allowing you to reach users who are already searching for the products or services you offer.

The key to getting in front of the right users? Harness the principles of social SEO and back it up with action-driving tools, like product tags.

Using Pinterest product tagging, you can use high-quality visuals to showcase what makes your product worth buying. Then, you can add direct links that lead potential customers to holiday purchases. You can even combine this free tool with paid advertising!

Research shows that 85% of weekly Pinterest users have made a purchase based on Pinterest content. Your Pinterest account is a launch pad that allows you to steer traffic toward your website landing pages and online store. It’s what will help you turn social media viewers into new customers.

6. YouTube Shopping

YouTube Shopping

YouTube shopping features are the key to accessing the most relevant traffic through the power of video marketing, all while leveraging your existing audience to drive traffic and increase sales. This can help you draw mass attention to your holiday specials!

On the YouTube platform, you can connect video content with popular ecommerce tools, like Shopify. You can tag specific products that appear in your videos while also making the most of a shopping tab on your channel dashboard.

YouTube shopping allows you to display items in a store, in a video description, in a product shelf below content, and even alongside a shopping button on your videos. This gives you incredible access to more traffic, more interest, and more sales.

Other Ideas to Try

Looking for more avenues you can use to drive online sales this holiday season?

Hone in on your social SEO with a clear target keyword and a few long-tail keywords in your social bios, your captions and your account name. Then, get started trying to win over Google Analytics. You can also pay for Google ads to boost your website’s ranking in search results.

Alternatively, try your hand at blogging! This can help you clearly explain what makes your products so perfect for the holidays. You can also add a keyword-rich meta description and good internal links to help with SEO and shopping functionality!

Get More Insights

Ready to increase web traffic, reach more of your target audience, and promote an amazing holiday shopping season? An incredible 57% of consumers begin holiday shopping before Thanksgiving, meaning there’s no time to waste.

Sign up for a FREE 7-day trial of Plann Plus, and get started scheduling your content ahead of time for optimal seasonal success. Let the orders roll in starting now!


Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet: How To Set Up Shopping On Socials
Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet: How To Set Up Shopping On Socials

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