Custom Hashtag Sets For Marketers

Creating hashtags sets that appeal to a specific audience is a crucial part of your social media strategy. Don’t let you ideal client skim past you!


Have you ever seen a personal photo album turn into a global market place? 

No? Neither had we. Until Instagram.

Over 25 Million business profiles now inhabit Instagram. Which means that while you can still have your personal account for happy snaps and memories, you can also market your products and services on your business Instagram account better than ever. 

With over 1 billion active monthly users scrolling Instagram daily, knowing how to market your brand and services is more important than ever, and with Plann in your hands, you have everything you need to master the art of Instagram marketing

Not only can you upload bulk content into one place using Plann’s custom media collections, (which makes for arranging your Instagram grid an absolute breeze) but you can also get really specific with who your posts reach once you post them by using Plann’s custom hashtag sets feature in both your posts and stories alike. 

Ultimate Hashtags Cheat Sheet

Discover the best hashtags and number to use for maximum visibility.

Custom hashtag sets are a breeze using Plann.

Here’s how:

1. Simply head to the # icon in your toolbar menu and once the hashtag screen opens up, click Create Set.

2. Give your hashtag set a name so that you can easily identify it each time you want to use that particular hashtag set.

3. Add anywhere from 1 to 30 hashtags per set and click Save. Remember, the more you include, the more chances your post has of being seen.

4. You can create as many hashtag sets as you like to target specific audiences and come back to use them again and again.

5. Once you have posted your image to your Instagram feed, head back into your Plann app and into the hashtag manager. Copy your hashtag set, then head back to Instagram and pop your set in as your first comment.

Here’s a handy video to show you how.

Using Plann’s hashtag feature is just the start. Have fun with it. And be sure to keep an eye on your analytics on your Plann app aswell. See you really do have it all in the palm of your hand, where your photo albums used to be!

Happy Plann’ing!