Dark Mode Is The New Black

We’ve been waiting with bated breath for Dark Mode on Instagram and it’s finally here! Huzzah!  Learn all about this dark and moody new version now.

Firstly they turned off the likes and now they’ve turned out the lights! And well, we don’t hate it. Yep. Instagram has finally announced: Dark Mode.


With just the quick flick of a switch in your settings tab, Dark Mode does precisely as the name implies and adjusts the color of your screen giving you a white text on black background display for a darker in-app experience.

Dark Mode is a standard option in the settings menu on the latest iPhone 11 range – or if you’re running iOS 13 or Android 10, but then it doesn’t turn on by itself, which just means that you’ll have to go to settings to make the leap. 

Here’s how:



While Dark Mode looks great and provides a welcome alternative to operating our phones with the bright white glowing screen in our face at all times, which can be pretty intense when you get a text in the middle of the night, experts say that there are more than just aesthetic benefits that come with crossing over to the dark side. 

Dark Mode can help to reduce your devices battery consumption as it uses less juice to shine. 

Dark Mode is said to be easier on the eyes which is a future-forward feature that the growing numbers of people that care about the crossover of technology and wellbeing will love. 

Science proves that in order to get a good nights sleep people should avoid looking at bright screens for two to three hours before bed, so naturally one of the standout functions of Dark Mode on iOS is that you can set it to ‘Automatic’ which seamlessly switches your device from Lightmode to Dark Mode at custom times like ‘sunset to sunrise’, or whenever you like in the customizable settings menu. 

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Dark Mode is considered to be a thoughtful feature in lowlight situations where you don’t want to disturb the visual peace with your bright screened phone, such as reading on a flight and overall it’s great to have an alternative option to only using Lightmode all of the time, but like any true tech nerd I feel a bit Star Wars about the whole thing and am not sure about crossing over to the dark side for good. How about you? Will you be making the permanent leap to the dark side or just leave your settings on automatic for the health benefits like I’m going to? 

Happy Plann’ing.


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