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How Plann’s Canva Integration Helped Leadership Coach Lisa Desilet Build A Bold Personal Brand

As a passionate leadership coach, Lisa Desilet knew she needed to carve out a niche and define a unique personal brand to stand out on social media. With the help of Plann’s Canva integration, high-performing hashtags and strategic planning tools, Lisa has been able to attract her ideal clients at scale on social media.

An Eye-Catching Brand Identity

Lisa has always had a clear vision for her leadership coaching business. After working with two branding experts (Built by Brandt and @ampersand_studios), Lisa refined her visual identity, articulated her brand voice and gathered a bank of kick-ass photography to share across socials.

We are a little more direct, a little more bold, and a little stronger than the typical ‘female branding’ you see.


Lisa Desilet

Leadership Coach

A big goal for Lisa was to ensure her brand attracted her ideal clients. This meant going against the soft, feminine branding of other coaches and embracing her unique edge: being a bold, pioneering leader in her space.

Streamlining Content Creation With Templates

With Plann’s Canva integration, Lisa has been able to fast-track her content creation process and show up consistently on social. With her branded templates ready to go, she can easily whip up fresh designs and plug them into her grid with ease.

Plus, being able to auto-posting through Plann has helped Lisa beat burnout as a solopreneur and efficiently repurpose content across multiple platforms. In her own words, this feature has been a “major time saver!”.

Harnessing Done-For-You Content Prompts

I love the content prompts on days I’m really struggling with ideas. Those have come in handy more than once! I haven’t had to spend any money on ‘content experts’ because Plann helps me when I need it.


Lisa Desilet

Leadership Coach

In order to grow her client base, Lisa needed the right tools by her side to show up consistently on social media and deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Plann’s hashtag manager has helped Lisa easily source high-performing hashtags related to her niche (simply by entering topics and keywords like ‘Entrepreneur Coach’). With Plann’s advanced analytics, Lisa can easily see when her audience is online and schedule her content at top-performing times for maximum visibility.

Plus, with Plann’s done-for-you caption starters and prompts, Lisa is never left wondering what to post.

Lisa’s Top Tips For Brand-Building On Instagram:

  • Put your ideal audience front-and-center

    Centre your client/audience in all of your design content. If you are working to build a personal brand, it is actually far less about you and more about who you want to serve.

  • Simplify your designs

    Lisa has learnt first-hand the importance of keeping things simple on socials. “Some of my text on Instagram carousels were too small… My content was getting lost and no one was reading. I am now working on simplifying and keeping the text large enough so people will actually read and respond to what I share. (Kinda the point, right?)”.



Lisa Desilet


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