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A Business Owner’s Guide To Getting Started On Social Media With Keira Rose Creative

The latest stats are in: consumers of all age groups would prefer to communicate with brands and businesses on social media. That means you need to ensure your business is set up for success with a curated, considered and strategic social media presence. Not sure where to start? We sat down with Australian-based Social Media Manager and Founder of Keira Rose Creative, Keira Anderson to uncover her top five tips for mastering your social media marketing as a small business owner.

Set realistic expectations

Business owners aren’t full-time content creators!


Keira Anderson

Social Media Manager and Founder

You know you need to show up on social media as a business owner. But, there’s no need to set up accounts on every single platform overnight!

In fact, Keira’s quick to point out that “business owners aren’t full-time content creators”, meaning you’ve got to be smart and strategic with how you spend your time.

Rather than trying to show up on every platform, it’s important to be realistic about how much time you can dedicate to creating content. Then, you can build a posting schedule and content publishing frequency that you can stick to over the long term.

  • Are you a service-based business looking to convince and convert decision-makers in big companies? LinkedIn should be the platform you double down on.
  • Are you an e-commerce brand looking to sell directly to your young, Gen Z consumers? Throw all of your time and energy into curating content for Instagram and TikTok.
  • Are you a product-based business looking to reach new audiences with stunning photography and visuals? Make Pinterest your go-to platform when marketing your business online.

The takeaway message? Focus on quality, not quantity, when building your social media posting schedule.

Don’t overcomplicate your social media strategy

I work in fortnightly batches to keep my client’s content fresh and relevant. It still allows me to batch tasks and save time while ensuring the content is timely.


Keira Anderson

Social Media Manager and Founder

Feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list as a business owner? If the idea of adding social media content creation to your agenda seems daunting, Keira’s got the perfect hack for you.

Plan ahead, batch your content creation and put posting on auto-pilot with scheduling tools, like Plann.

For business owners, Keira believes, “there are much better things you can be doing than manually posting content to social media.” By scheduling and auto-posting your content, you can automate your social media marketing and give you one less thing to worry about.

A digital workspace showing a social media content calendar with scheduled posts for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. A mobile phone displays a social media profile with various posts. The interface is clean and user-friendly, highlighting the efficiency of a social media scheduler. | plannthat.com

Make data-driven social media marketing decisions

I’m a big fan of the analytics and reporting features available within scheduling tools, like Plann.


Keira Anderson

Social Media Manager and Founder

As a business owner, you need to have clear goals and objectives for why you’re showing up on social media. Whether you’re looking to grow your audience, boost sales or increase bookings, you need to know exactly what metrics are important to you.

Keira encourages you to use analytics to your advantage on social media. But that can be tricky, as many social media platforms are constantly changing the way they display insights and results to users.

Within Plann, you can access easy-to-digest graphs and visualizations that make it easy to understand your account’s performance. With this data up your sleeve, you can make informed decisions about how to improve and inform your next batch of content.

Hot tip: seeing a sudden drop in your results on social media? Keira is quick to point out that social media results are heavily influenced by seasonal moments.

“Many accounts I’ve worked with tend to see a drop in their results during December and January each year as their audience tends to be on holidays or celebrating with family, and not on social media,” reveals Keira.

Remember to look at longer time periods (such as your results over the last six to 12 months) to pinpoint meaningful trends in your social media analytics.

Seek support and help when you need it

I really value balance and safeguarding my mental health. Working in social media, it’s very easy to lose that.


Keira Anderson

Social Media Manager and Founder

Keira knows that getting a handle on social media marketing can be difficult. She’s worked with businesses across all industries, from florists to finance experts and beyond.

As a strategist, designer and content creator, she’s able to help her clients at all stages of their business journey (from preparing to launch to reaching their next follower growth milestone).

She knows how easy it is to get stuck if you’re going it alone. That’s why she recommends business owners arm themselves with the right support, tools and resources to elevate their social media presence.

That could be using an all-in-one social media suite (like Plann), immersing yourself in practical guides (like you’ll find on the Plann blog) or even working 1:1 with a social media manager, like Keira’s team at Keira Rose Creative.



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