The Best Travel Instagrams For Serious Holiday Inspo

Whether you’re plotting out the itinerary for your next holiday or simply daydreaming about a big adventure, these are the best travel Instagrams for adding a little wanderlust into your day.


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Itching for a getaway? Aren’t we always! Whether you’re plotting out the itinerary for your next holiday or simply daydreaming about a big adventure, these are the best travel Instagrams for adding a little wanderlust into your day.

Warning: these accounts may cause you to book flights at the drop of a hat. We take no responsibility for this.

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The Best Travel Instagrams For Planning Your Next Trip


This Aussie dude and his girlfriend Cleo are Sydney-based, but currently exploring the country in their camper-van. If you’re not already a follower of vanlife, you soon will be. Plus, their incredible photos of NSW have got us all excited to start exploring our own state, which is something in and of itself.


Another local legend, Emilie’s feed is absolutely dreamy. Her colour curation is absolutely on point, and we love the heavy focus on natural landscapes with a dash of humanity. Tasmania, Alberta, Hong Kong, Italy – wherever she is is where we want to be.


This one might seem a little obvious, but when you’re onto a good thing … This curated feed of the most stunning travel photography provides a side of context and education with its incredible imagery.


Emma Kate is a self-described ‘designer, storyteller and adventurer’, and her feed says as much. She tells us on her website that she believes ‘in the power of delight’, and after scrolling through her minimal, pastel-heavy Instagram, we do too.


This lanscape-filled feed will make the least enthusiastic camper of all time (AKA us) want to pack a backpack and get lost in the wild. Dangerous? Potentially. But you try and resist the urge after scrolling through Alex’s incredible Instagram.





We WISH our life was a travel movie like Alyssa Ramos. Her selfie-stick use is much less cringey than most, and her recent travels through Europe feat. aquamarine seas and the white walls of Greece are oh-so scrollable.


Lauren Bullen’s Instagram feed is a stunning combination of tropical destinations, desert shots, incredible wildlife moments and a couple of puppies thrown in for good measure. We love the way she edits her photos so consistently, and her style really sets her apart from a lot of other travel ‘grammers.


We couldn’t write about travel Instagrams without including a travel couple now, could we? Mark and Mim are travel bloggers/photographer/couple goals, and their blog is an awesome resource for planning your next trip. We like their mix of local and international destinations, as well as landscape and city scenes.


We believe in magic because of this Instagram feed. The outback shots are breathtaking and the night sky images are almost unbelievable. We love the mix of drone and underwater photography along with landscapes and some mid-shots.

Do you have any travel Instagram accounts that you love? Comment below to share them!

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