5 Simple But Effective Tips to Create Standout Pinterest Videos

Discover how to create Pinterest video content like a pro with these top tips.

Psst… Are you only posting static images on Pinterest? Then it’s time to level up your content strategy for the platform.

In 2023, video pins are the way to go if you want to grow your audience, boost engagement, and land more sales.

The good news?

Not everyone is jumping onto the bandwagon (yet). Early adopters are seeing big results from posting video to Pinterest, meaning you can still catch the wave and ride it towards success before other Pinterest users catch on.

Keep reading to find out how to create standout video content on Pinterest, why posting videos is a must on Pinterest and how to boost your visibility on the Pinterest app with dynamic video pins.



Why Pinterest Video Pins Are Your Secret To Success

Here’s the thing.

Pinterest is the bee-hive of high-intent audiences. Every month, 450 million users log on to find new ideas and discover products to buy.

That’s not all.

97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded.

What does that mean for your business?

You don’t need to be a mega-corporate like Target or have millions of followers to see an impact. Users are searching for ideas rather than brands, giving small business the opportunity to land sales.

Here’s where Pinterest video pins enter the chat.

Chances are you’re already creating and sharing video content on Instagram and TikTok. You know it’s a fantastic medium for engaging viewers, creating sharable moments, and driving brand awareness.

You can get the same results with Pinterest video pins and then some.

Unlike static image pins, videos gives you the space to create more engaging, interactive tutorials, how-to guides, recipes, and product demos than a single static image. Once you hook the viewer in, you can redirect the user to your website or product pages, helping you make sales in your sleep.

…But how well are video pins performing?

Views on organic video pins are up 240% year-on-year, and video views grew by 6x in 2020 compared to 2018.

Incredible, right?!

If you’re ready to take your Pinterest marketing to the next level, follow these tips to create your first viral video pin.

How to Create Eye-Catching Pinterest Videos

1. Keep Your Pinterest Videos Short

The trick to going viral on Pinterest? Keep your videos between 6 to 15 seconds long.

When it comes to video length, shorter videos perform the best on the platform and that’s great news for your content creation process. Instead of trying to fit in a whole heap of information, you can create a series of Pinterest videos instead.

Plus, sticking to a short timeframe helps you add intrigue to your video pins. Leave the viewer wanting to learn more and enticed enough to visit your profile to watch the other content you’ve created. This is key to creating content that prompts users to save Pinterest videos from your brand (and keep coming back for more).

2. Optimize Your Videos for Mobile Devices

Fun fact: Over 80% of Pinners browse on a mobile device.

If you want your Pinterest video pins to stand out, design for the vertical aspect ratio. It takes up the most real estate on screens, so you can quickly repurpose content from TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Here are the vertical dimensions you’ll want to keep in mind:

• 9:16

• 4:5

• 2:3

Next, make sure your video pins adhere to these specs for desktop and mobile optimization:

• File type: .mp4, .mov or .m4v

• File size: 2GB max

• Encoding: H.264 or H.265

The best bit? By designing vertical video ads and organic content, you can easily download Pinterest video content and repurpose this content on Instagram Reels and TikTok.

The catch? You’ll need to use a Pinterest video downloader tool to download Pinterest videos and share these video pins on other platforms. But downloading Pinterest videos should only take a few minutes. Once you download videos from Pinterest, you’re got an extra bank of content to repurpose across your other social media channels, too.

3. Add Captions to Make Your Videos Accessible

Add Captions to Make Your Videos AccessibleBoth will boost the chances of users saving your Pinterest videos, commenting, and sharing with their social media network.

That’s not all.

Captions also help you capture attention. Videos with text overlay have longer viewing times which helps you get your message across, and it tells the good ol’ algorithm users like your content.

The result?

Your Pinterest idea pins will land at the top of search engine results. Plus, when you download video content from Pinterest, you’ll already have captions ready to go on your content.

4. Use a Hook and Eye-Catching Visuals

With so much information at your fingertips all the time, research shows our attention spans have shrunk by a 25% between 2000 and 2015.


What does that mean for your Pinterest video strategy?

You need to keep things snappy.

Start your video with a hook to grab users’ attention and stop ’em mid-scroll.

Use a Hook and Eye-Catching Visuals

In this Pinterest video, the creator uses text overlay to tell you right away what to expect. For busy health conscious users who want to increase their protein intake, it’s an irresistible hook.

Once you have the angle for your video, keep users watching with high-quality footage and images.

The best part?

You don’t need fancy camera gear. Most smartphones let you record in 4k 60 fps, giving you top-notch content on a budget.

5. Always Include a Call-to-Action


You’ve created a video with a hook, used high-quality visuals, and an evergreen topic.

The final ingredient in your Pinterest video strategy is the call-to-action (CTA).

Before users click out, you want to give them a “task”, whether it’s to visit your website, sign up for your newsletter, or make a purchase.

Without one, you’ll rack up views, but you won’t see high conversions from your content.

Adding a simple CTA at the end of your Pinterest videos creates a funnel. You’re growing an audience, capturing their attention, and moving them from Pinterest to a site you 100% control – your website.

Why is this important?

If Pinterest goes the way of Vine, you’ll lose access to the community you’ve built. A CTA encouraging users to visit your website and capture their data means you’ll always have access to your biggest supporters and hottest leads.

You can use this data to launch remarketing campaigns and email sequences to build trust and land more sales.

6. Go Evergreen

Go Evergreen

Pinterest is a platform that’ll keep recommending posts. Unlike Instagram feed posts, your old pins can stay at the top of search results for years and get recommended to users again and again.

Think of it like your blog posts in search engines.

Once you’ve built up a bank of content and your posts start ranking, you’ll create a steady stream of traffic to your website even if you never post again.

When you’re creating your Pinterest video ads or pins, remember the content lives forever. Choose an evergreen angle that stays relevant and isn’t seasonal or once-off like a sale.

Here are some examples of evergreen content:

• How to make an iced matcha latte

• Home decor tips: How to DIY wood block art

• Eight exercises to grow your glutes

some examples of evergreen content:

Start Planning Your Pinterest Video Strategy

Before you go, here’s one final tip for your Pinterest video strategy.

Repurpose your content!

If you’re already creating Reels and TikToks, upload your videos to Pinterest. Not only will it save you time, but it’s an excellent way to cross-promote and grow all your accounts at the same time.

Need an extra hand with your content management?

Sign up for a free 7-day trial of Plann Pro today. Connect your Pinterest account and gain instant access to powerful features like:

• Visual content planner

• Done-for-you caption starters

• Thousands of high-performing hashtags

But wait…there’s more!

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Save time. Create beautiful designs. Grow your Pinterest presence.



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