5 Instagram Collab Post Ideas To Improve Your Reach + The Benefits

Ditch creative block for good with these must-try Instagram Collab post ideas.

Back in 2021, Instagram introduced its collaboration feature, Instagram Collabs. Since then, the tool has grown to offer incredible opportunities for creators to unite and join forces.

Currently, Instagram is home to over 2 billion monthly active users from all around the world. When you use Instagram Collab posts wisely, you can reach more of these users than ever before. Hello, account growth and amazing community engagement!

Here’s the scoop: Instagram Collab posts have the power to take your social media presence to the next level. So what do you say? Are you ready to find out how Instagram Collabs can work for you?



What Is An Instagram Collab Post?

An Instagram Collab post is your chance to connect with other creators on the ‘gram, leveraging the impact of two accounts’ audiences to boost performance on a single post.

When you use the collaborations feature on a feed post or reel, the same post appears on your collaborator’s profile and your own feed.

Your collab post will be attributed to two (or more) authors. More importantly, when collab content is shared to the Instagram feed, it automatically targets the existing audiences of all the cited creators.

How Do Instagram Collab Posts Work?

If you’re new to the Instagram collab feature, you might be wondering how it works and what steps you need to take if you want to get involved.

Luckily, using Insta’s collaborative posts is simple! Connect with other accounts in your niche, and arrange to share your next new post as a team.

How To Collab Post On Instagram

In order to set up a collab post on Instagram, you’ll need to upload fresh content and send a collab request to your co-creator.

Using a mobile device, navigate to the Instagram home screen, and select the + icon at the bottom of your screen to create a post. Choose the right image or video from your photo library.

Next, you progress through the posting process as normal. Before you hit share, scroll down to the tag people option. When you tap this, you’ll find the option to invite a collaborator. Use the search bar to choose the account you want to connect with.

How To Collab Post On Instagram

Invite collaborator accounts relevant to your post, and once they’ve accepted your collab request, your content will be shared with all associated audiences.

How To Collab Post On Instagram 2 To Collab Post On Instagram

🔥 Plann Tip: Before attempting to use Instagram collab posts, ensure that you have a public account. Private accounts are currently ineligible to create collabs.

How To Accept An Instagram Collab Post Invite

If another user invites you to create an Instagram collab, you’ll receive an invite notification. To accept, simply visit this notification and select review to check the post to which you’ve been invited. A pop-up will appear and give you the opportunity to either accept or decline the invitation.

How Is An Instagram Collab Different From Tagging?

Previously, Instagram’s tagging feature was the best way to get multiple accounts involved in the creation of a post on Instagram. Collaborations work a little differently.

When you tag people on Instagram, their accounts are linked to your content when users click on the image or video itself. But these users aren’t cited as co-creators of your post, and they’ll have limited control over the content and its interactions.

On the other hand, Instagram collabs cite all collaborating users as authors of the relevant post. When you tag people, their audiences may never see the tagged content. When you collaborate, posts are delivered to the followers of all post creators.

5 Instagram Collab Post Ideas To Improve Your Reach

Are you ready to explore the Instagram Collabs feature and uncover how co-author content can help you scale your growth? Here are some of our best Instagram post ideas for new collaborators!

1. Share A Co-Branded Campaign

Co-branded marketing campaigns can be powerful in driving new traffic to your product and your brand at large. You can join forces with a leading influencer in your niche or a business selling a relevant but non-competing product.

When you work on co-branded marketing campaigns, you can benefit from mutual brand exposure and a great credibility boost. This can help you reach a wider audience and build your impact, ultimately maximizing sales conversions.

Example: Check out Plann’s own co-branded content! We work with amazing Plann’rs who can show off the best of our app.

Share A Co-Branded Campaign

2. Post Your Shared News

Have you recently worked with another brand to craft a new product, deliver a fresh campaign, or even support a notable charity? When you share news with another creator, you can use Instagram collabs to let your audiences know.

Shared news feed posts can allow you to reach more people with your big, important announcements. Your collab Instagram post could encourage more interest in your latest projects and get people talking about what’s next for you and all your co-creators.

Example: Take a look at Earthrise and EarthPercent’s recent collaboration, joining forces to announce the NATURE Spotify account.

Post Your Shared News

3. Create A Collab Challenge

Social media challenges offer great marketing scope, and collab posts only help them grow! Whether you’re seeking user-generated content through a challenge hashtag or trying to kick off a new trend, collaboration is key.

By using collab posts strategically, you can target a broader consumer base with tailored, highly relevant content items. This means you’re much more likely to generate high engagement rates that set your content challenge up for ongoing success.

Example: Whether you’re collaborating to find influencers, source content, or simply generate interest, working as a team makes a difference.

Create A Collab Challenge

4. Collaborative On A Reels Trend

Instagram collabs don’t have to stop at your latest feed post ideas. You can also collaborate when creating innovative and eye-catching reels content. In fact, the reels algorithm boost could further enhance your content’s reach potential.

Develop Instagram collab posts that capitalize on the buzz surrounding video content. Craft reels with effective branding and strong hooks that engage audiences instantly. Your collaborative reels can easily be repurposed across Instagram stories and can drive great brand awareness for all labelled creators.

Example: See how Sourcebooks works with author Claire Legrand to create a rich and eye-catching aesthetic reel.

Collaborative On A Reels Trend

5. Host a Collaborative Giveaway

Finally, consider hosting a a collaborative giveaway! Instagram contests and giveaways offer incredible scope for brand awareness and account growth, giving users more reasons to follow your account – and explore your product offers.

When you use collab posts, you can automatically ensure that your giveaway offer reaches the masses. These Instagram posts can easily drive traffic back to all creator profiles and encourage long-term community building, all while highlighting your brand’s value.

Example: See how two brands become way in order giveaway an amazing prize sure to appeal to both audiences!

Host a Collaborative Giveaway

The Benefits of Instagram Collab Posts

Collaboration can offer many benefits for all Instagram users. By tapping into the Instagram Collabs feature you can boost your organic reach, align your brand with relevant accounts and reach your ideal customers at scale. You’ll also be able to develop networking relationships in support of new business strategies.

When choosing collaboration partners, it’s important to think carefully. Try to work with accounts that offer the kind of value you know will resonate with your audience. Ensure that your collaborators share your values and focus on authenticity, and avoid working with your direct competitors.

Collaborate With Plann

Are you ready to put the IG Collab feature to good use? Get started with a little help from Plann! Check out Plann’s Collab post-tagging tools by signing up for a FREE 7-day trial. Start your co-authored content journey today!


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