4 x Powerful Ways To Use Instagram Stories For Business

Instagram is a powerful storytelling tool and used properly it can increase engagement and build a loyal following of clients.

How to Tell Your Business Story Using Instagram


If you’re only using your business Instagram to post pictures, you may be missing a golden opportunity. Social media platforms are now storytelling tools that allow your audience to understand and buy into your brand.

Why does this matter?

Brands that tell stories don’t just make more sales; they create more long term engagement – people come back, and more visits mean more revenue in the long term.



how to

Here are our top tips for storytelling on Instagram 

1. Look at Your Grid in Its Entirety

When your audience looks at your grid, they aren’t just looking at one image, but the entire sequence. What is your brand voice? How can you best convey your business message in images?

Perhaps this relates to the way you do business or the style of your product. Regardless, think about your brand imagery and create a grid that best represents that image.

2. Think About What Your Audience are Interested In

Many business Instagrams are packed with imagery that wouldn’t hold the interest of potential clientele.

– The accountant with images of the office

– The hairdresser that only shows shots of the backs of heads

– The dentist that uses stock images of dental chairs and teeth

Your brand imagery should be created with the audience in mind –

– The accountant is based in the tropics and uses beach imagery

– The hairdresser shows action shots of hair getting cut and famous patrons

– The dentist works in a central business district and uses local urban shots and images of satisfied clients.

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3. Create a Consistent Theme

If every image relates to the previous one, it makes more sense to the human eye that automatically looks for commonalities. This doesn’t mean that every image should look alike, or even have much in common. Maybe there’s a single thread in the form of colour – a splash of red or green. Perhaps the filter you use gives the images a certain feel. Regardless, think about ways you can tie your grid together.

4. Don’t Reactively Post

Reactive posting can ruin a well-planned grid. Have a plan and take your time building something that represents your business. If you feel the need to post reactively, bring it into your plan and see where it fits.

Storytelling using visual imagery takes time and planning, but the results are increased engagement and a loyal base of followers. Build your grid, share your story and enjoy the results.




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