Different Social Media Platforms – Some Nearly Useful Thoughts

Different social media platforms require different approaches. This blog won’t help with that, but it’ll certainly occupy a few minutes of your time.

My Space

MySpace was awesome! There was no pressure to be authentic and if you saw my page, you’d think I was in a cool grunge band. 

Yes, grunge used to be cool, kids.

Now, unfortunately, we’ve evolved and people expect you to be ‘authentic’ and tell ‘the truth’ and we have to respect ‘copyright.’ 


So how do we transition across Twitter and LinkedIn and Facebook and Pinterest and…the rest, while respecting the ‘vibe’ of that platform and being true to ourselves?

I dunno, in fact, I’m not very good at it. But here’s what I do anyway:


My Instagram grid is a testament to my short attention span: mohawks, beards, musical instruments (credit: music catalogues), babies, motorbikes and tennis racquets. I’m inconsistent in life and my grid reflects that. #authenticity.


I’m not what you’d describe as ‘polished’ or ‘grown up’ or ‘clean’, so LinkedIn is tricky for me. Whenever I go to a ‘business’ event and have to wear adult clothes, I feel like an intruder in the room and LinkedIn is like the world’s biggest business event.

Hi, I saw some synchronicity between us and I’d love to connect.’

Who talks like that?

‘Cool man, I love me some synchronicity!’

No response.

That’s at the business event and it’s the same on LinkedIn.


I like Twitter. Most of my tweets are comments to Rihanna – who will definitely be my best friend one day – and jumping on the bandwagon of trending hashtags.

Because I want attention and seek validation through Twitter.

Don’t judge me.


Facebook‘s easy. If I say anything bad my mom tells me off so I’m unusually polite. I also think that putting an emoji on your profile counts as staying in touch, and haven’t wished anyone happy birthday in person in 8 years.

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How good is Pinterest? Life tips, lists of interesting facts, shots of beaches that I thought only existed in my imagination and loads of potplants for some reason.

I’ve never posted on Pinterest, not being a potplant or aspiring fitness model, but I do like potplants and a good scroll.

Some blogs are useful, practical and interesting. It can easily be argued that this article is none of those things, but that’s pretty reflective of my social media in general.


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