Changing the Self-Care Narrative on Social Media with Nathalie Reiter from Self Cared

Learn the secret to changing people’s ideas of self-care on social media with Nathalie Reiter from Self Cared, who’s on a mission to empower people to bring the self back into self-care.

Social media can be a great tool for people to learn new things and build communities of like-minded people. But, it can also present a singular outlook on a certain topic, like self-care. 

That’s why Nathalie Reiter from Self Cared is on a mission to change what self-care really means. Self Cared is reclaiming the self in self-care as a means to start prioritizing yourself and your needs – whatever they may be. 

And Self Cared is not about the glossy, Instagram version of self-care but rather about giving you permission to define self-care in a way that means something to you, whether that means ‘punching it out’ or sitting in your feelings. 

To help you navigate any mood and put yourself first, Self Cared is offering a helping hand with curated self-care products and resources to meet your needs.


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We sat down with Nathalie, Founder and Director of Self Cared, to talk about all things social media, curating beautiful aesthetics to create a consistent brand message, and of course how she’s redefining what self-care means online. 

Ready to learn more about her story? Let’s dive in! 



The Early Stages of Building a Brand on Social Media 

“We started using organic Instagram and TikTok pre-launch to start building our audience at Self Cared. We also ran a giveaway in the lead-up to the launch to collect email addresses that we could later use for marketing purposes. We used organic and paid social media to promote this giveaway as a way to build our business online.” 

Using Social Media to Constantly Evolve


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“I love that social media provides a platform for people to openly share how they feel. As businesses, we can learn so much from this feedback and use it to continuously improve and evolve.”

It helps us to personalize experiences in a way we haven’t been able to before social media, and it allows us to grow with our audience. I find this aspect of social media very exciting!

I also love how social media gives us a way to connect with individuals from all walks of life and build genuine communities of like-minded people.” 

Life before and after Plann

“It was stressful! I’m not someone who particularly enjoys spending lots of time on social media, so having to remember to post was always a chore.

Before scheduling and auto-posting, I found it quite stressful to always have to remember to post, and I really didn’t enjoy asking my team to work evenings, early mornings, or weekends to post either. I’d like to leave work at work and I want the same for my team.

Having to manually post outside of business hours never felt good to me because it stopped us from properly shutting off and recharging. Scheduling posts ahead of time and letting Plann take care of the rest might seem like a small thing, but it’s huge for me and my team’s mental health. We need that proper time off!”

Redefining Self-Care on Social Media

“There’s no comparison. Social media opens doors and allows us to reach people exactly where they are. At Self Cared, we don’t just sell products to practice self-care.

We’re on a mission to re-write what self-care means (spoiler, it’s whatever you need right now) and create a space for open conversation about mental health. It’s too important to not be talked about, and what better place to start than social media!” 


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Curating Beautiful Aesthetics on Social Media

“As a business, it’s important to be consistent across channels – including website, packaging, and all marketing. This ensures the business and brand are easily recognizable, which creates a sense of familiarity and comfort.

My top tip is to create a brand style guide and include guidelines for marketing and social media. It’s also beneficial to create a visual sample grid and set up templates for posts, stories, and Reels to ensure a consistent aesthetic across the board. This way, anyone in the business can easily create on-brand posts and content.”


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Nathalie’s favorite Plann features 

“Things felt more planned and under control. Not only can I easily check and edit posts my team has prepared, we also don’t have to worry about posting outside of business hours anymore. I know it’s all taken care of and safe in one place.”

Apart from scheduling and auto-posting, we love using the Inspiration Tool and the calendar for content inspiration. The hashtag options are extremely helpful as well – being able to organize and save groups of hashtags saves us a lot of time.”

Nathalie’s Top Tips for Making the Most of Social Media in 2022

“Be real and create genuine connections by engaging with users and being authentic and honest as a brand.” 

What’s next for Nathalie? 

“It’s our mission to make self-care practices and mental health services more accessible to Australians. We’re not here to tell anyone what self-care looks like, we’re here to remind people to tune in and ask themselves: ‘What do I need today?’

Our online store and partnership with the not-for-profit organization WayAhead are only the beginning.”


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