Everything You Should Include in Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Get Pinning like a pro with our guide to designing a winning Pinterest marketing strategy.

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From online shopping to ideas generation, is there anything Pinterest can’t do? Every month, 445 million people use the app, which prides itself on attracting a highly engaged and motivated user base.

Research shows that as much as 46% of weekly Pinterest users have found a new brand or product on the platform. What does this mean? A strong Pinterest marketing strategy can be powerful in helping you build your brand and reach new consumers in a digital marketplace. Awesome, right?

Wondering where to get started with your Pinterest marketing efforts? Here’s your Plann guide to the basics.



Why Pinterest Marketing Matters

Social media marketing is critical in a rapidly digitizing world. On Pinterest, you can access opportunities that could help you scale your business.

A strong Pinterest strategy is a great way to build brand awareness and get people talking about your business. As a visual search engine with huge organic reach opportunities, Pinterest is the perfect platform to reach new audiences and inspire them to take action with stunning aesthetic content.

In the US, Pinterest is the fourth most popular social media platform. This creates plenty of chances to drive traffic to your brand’s website and sales channels. You can use Pinterest to capitalize on a motivated buying market, where people are keen to find solutions and purchase products.

By tapping into the power of social SEO, your can reach high intent audiences on Pinterest who are already searching for the products and services you specialize in.

What to Include in Your Marketing Strategy

So you want to market your brand on Pinterest, but you’re unsure where to begin. Luckily, the team at Plann has done the hard work for you! Here’s what your Pinterest marketing strategy should include.

1. Build a Branded Profile

Branding is everything when it comes to helping you generate the interest and awareness your business needs to succeed online. First, make sure that you’re working with a Pinterest business account, where you’ll have access to all the extra tools and features.

Once you’ve done this, get to work! Your business account needs custom visuals, including a clear profile picture that incorporates branded elements (logo, font, or colors). Add a bio with a few searchable keywords relevant to your niche, and verify your website link.

As you start to share pins, make sure to design Pinterest boards that collate and categorize your content clearly. In every pin you share, be sure to harness your branding, add detailed pin descriptions and links that drive website traffic to your products, services and resources.

Build a Branded Profile

2. Develop Your Content Pillars

Next up: content pillars. These can form a critical foundation that allows your overarching content strategy to thrive, as well as provide you with unlimited content ideas.

Content pillars are distinct categories you can use to group similar content pieces together while ensuring that every piece of content you produce aligns with your brand narrative and what it’s trying to achieve for the long-term.

Think carefully about what your brand stands for and what matters most to your audience. Are your consumers looking for educational value? Do your promotional posts perform best? Is there a specific pain point you want to address regularly?

Developing your content pillars can help you focus your content creation approach, allowing you to create pins that speak to your audience and steer your Pinterest presence in the right direction. Once you have these in place, you can use a mix of image pins, video pins, and even idea pins to align with broad content pillars.

3. Implement a Strong SEO Strategy

Ultimately, Pinterest is a visual search engine. A strong SEO (search engine optimization) strategy is essential in helping Pinterest users find your boards and pins.

Pinterest SEO can be simple and straightforward. All you need to do is consider which relevant keywords are most likely to align with those your ideal consumers will use to find brands and products like yours on the Pinterest app. Then integrate these keywords as part of your captions!

Whether you’re crafting a title, writing a pin description, or even adding alternative image text, the related keywords you choose can have the power to help your pins reach the right people. Understand who your profile should target, and use SEO techniques to work with the Pinterest algorithm.

Remember: the right keywords can be bigger than Pinterest alone. They can also help you broaden your scope and generate referral traffic from other search engines, including Google!

Implement a Strong SEO Strategy

4. Create a Consistent Pinterest Schedule

On any social media site, consistency is key. Creating and sticking to a schedule can help you maintain an active presence on Pinterest, providing your audience with regular opportunities to stay up to date with your brand.

Pinterest allows quality content to stand the test of time. A successful Pinterest marketing strategy doesn’t have to mean posting daily. In fact, you can grow your Pinterest profile by posting just once or twice a week.

Schedule a variety of content types that keep your Pinterest account fresh and interesting. Create a custom Pinterest image to link your latest blog post, or join community boards where you can reach new people. List your products as new pins, or make the most of the story pins feature.

The best way forward is to use as many different features and tools as you can. This allows you to explore everything a Pinterest page can offer.

5. Combine Paid and Organic Marketing

Pinterest advertising generated almost $251 billion from brand campaigns in 2022 alone! This means there’s plenty of scope for promoted pins to support your organic marketing efforts.

While it’s fine to use Pinterest primarily as a platform for earned media marketing, don’t be afraid to try out paid campaigns! Pinterest ads can help you leverage keywords and pin content to reach a wider audience than ever before and could even set the stage for more organic growth in the future.

Pinterest business accounts provide access to a wide range of marketing and advertising tools designed to make raising brand awareness and driving web traffic easy. Follow the prompts, and launch Pinterest campaigns that highlight the true value your brand can bring.

Combine Paid and Organic Marketing

6. Track Pinterest Performance

Creating pins is just like producing content for Instagram or TikTok. If you want to boost performance, you need to learn more about your audience and your account.

Avoid posting and forgetting about your Pinterest feed. Instead, use in-built Pinterest analytics tools to study your metrics and identify trends that reveal which pins and boards perform best for your target audience.

The more you learn about how your Pinterest pins, boards, and ads perform, the more effectively you can curate content to generate ongoing marketing success.

Plann for Pinterest

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