TikTok Add Music to Image Carousels + Promo Disclosure

TikTok promotional post by @fashionwithfern featuring a street style carousel with three poses against an orange background, includes original audio "Wonderful Day," marked as paid partnership | plannthat.com

TikTok released three new updates that we’re launching today, we know all of their incremental changes will help build a better platform, especially for brands looking to build an audience ripe for sales.

TikTok is a great platform where you can quickly grow an audience, showcase your products and services, push them to your products, plus connect with your customers on a deeper (and usually more raw) level.
These latest updates are designed to make it easier for you to create engaging content on TikTok and maintain transparency as a brand, influencer marketing and the ‘creator economy’ continue to grow.

We’re thrilled to see a number of our community are experiencing rapid organic growth and clickthroughs from customers via TikTok, many just cross-posting and re-sharing their Reels too!

TikTok Caption Length Update

We’re excited to announce that TikTok captions can now be up to 2,200 characters long. This means that you can now add more context to your TikTok posts and better engage with your audience. You can use more flair to share your brand story, showcase your products and services, and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Using Plann you’ll find a character counter so you’ll always know how close you are to your limit.

New TikTok Image Carousels 

A great new update on TikTok that allows you to create image carousel posts with up to 35 images.

You can also choose to automatically let TikTok add its own trending audio to your carousel when your work is auto-published, which you can always change later in TikTok if you don’t like it all that much or don’t think the vibe fits your content. Learning from how well carousels perform on other platforms, especially LinkedIn and Instagram, we’re not surprised about this one!

Use TikTok image carousels to tell a story, do a “photo dump” of the month, share behind-the-scenes magic like tracking a product from order to post, showcase your remote team with individual shots or educate your audience on a topic you’re an expert in.

Specifics for TikTok Image Carousels

Here’s what TikTok have let us know is required:

* You choose a cover image from the 35 images
* Videos are not currently available to be added inside carousels
* Automatic audio can only be added to image carousels (not available for TikTok videos)
* Supported Media Formats: WebP, JPEG,
* Picture Size Restrictions: Maximum 1080p
* File Size Restrictions: Maximum of 20MB for each image

Disclose Video Content with Promotional Material

When you upload your next video for TikTok scheduling you’ll need to confirm if your post is promotional material or not, just like you have to do when you post on TikTok directly.

Basically, they’re asking:

– Are you a creator who is posting content about another brand, for something of value? i.e. are you getting paid to post this, or are you receiving a free product?
This will label your video inside TikTok with “Paid Partnership”


– Are you a brand posting content about your own brand i.e. An organic brand post about your company?
This will label your video inside TikTok with “Promotional Content” 


– Both! i.e. a collaboration between a wedding venue and a florist, or if you’re using UGC content of an influencer showing off your brand. You’ll see the tag on your TikTok video.

Haven’t tried TikTok scheduling yet? Here’s how you can dive in!

Unlimited TikTok scheduling is available for all Plann Plus members.

If you’ve always wanted to try it out but don’t know where to start, you could simply start at choosing to cross-post or re-share one of your Instagram Reels.

Our aim is to get you unstuck so we’ve dedicated an entire section inside Plann to help you get started with video. Visit our ‘Post Ideas’ and ‘Trending Audio; cataloge (that gets updated every week!) right from your home dashboard. You’ll find plenty of inspiration and guidance to help you get started. Use this feature to create a consistent posting schedule, save time, and grow your audience across a new platform.

We’re here for you!

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