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[New] Product Tagging in Reels is Available with Auto Posting on Plann

Reels Product Tagging

Tag the Products Inside your Reels to Convert your Instagram Feed into a Shoppable Storefront!

It’s high time for eCommerce and social shopping! From browsing inspiration to buying products, Instagram is now one of the most influential places for brands and businesses to find, meet and convert their audience through shoppable content. 

According to current Instagram Trends, 60% of people discover new products on Instagram. Similarly, their survey showed that 44% of people use Instagram to shop weekly using product tags, with 28% of these shopping activities being planned. Even more wild – Instagram’s internal data reports that 130 million Instagram users view shopping posts to explore products every month. 

That’s a huge opportunity to capitalize on and ensure you’re creating content for posts, stories and reels that makes an impact and sells your products.

So let’s dig into the latest feature from Plann, which is all about streamlining this process by auto posting your links, helping you to cut that time down and set-up your social shopping for success!

What is Product Tagging for Reels?

Here’s a quick spiel for those who haven’t used it before. You would have noticed a growing trend in popularity of short form videos across social platforms, especially on TikTok and Instagram – that’s amplifying the e-commerce shopping experience for both small and large brands around the world. 

These video clips on Instagram – called Reels, allows you to create videos up to 90 seconds long with options to edit and add design effects or audio within the app. Your audience can then watch reels via your instagram feed, tap ‘view products’ to learn about the product and make purchases within video content. Nice!

How Does Product Tagging in Reels Work on Plann?

We know how important it is to be able to make an impact on social media – especially with short form videos like Reels taking over the ecommerce landscape. 

We’re excited to launch the ability to tag up to 30 products in your reels, so your audience can easily and quickly buy your products. When you schedule and post your reels using Plann, you’ll be able to tag your products straight away and we’ll auto-post your shop links for you. You’ll also be able to un-tag or remove a product tag too. 

You can tag your reels by navigating to the create page, selecting a reel and clicking the product tag button in the caption toolbar. This means you’ll be able to save time by streamlining your workflow using Plann, allowing you to schedule, post and tag all at once. Easy!

Product Tagging for Success $$$

Product tagging drives product discovery and sales, which means they have the potential to be discovered and purchased by millions of people using Instagram. It’s a great way to demonstrate the value of your product, what your brand is all about and showcase specific features to both new and existing audiences. 

Why should you tag products in your reels? Alongside product discovery, it can be an educational tool for potential buyers to see how your product works. It’s also an opportunity for product collaborations with other influencers for brands looking to work together to drive mutually beneficial outcomes i.e sales! 

Given the increasing amount of people using social media, there is a growing trend of unplanned purchases being made simply from seeing products through high-quality reels too. This is where brands and businesses need to hop on the short form video train, surprise and delight their audience and make it easy and attractive for them to buy the products they see during their social travels!



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