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Plann now supports Facebook Autoposting

Facebook Scheduling on Plann

Updated: Facebook Analytics!

We pinky promised improved analytics for Facebook and we’re happy to announce that you can now learn more about your post and video performance from right inside Plann!
You’ll now be able to easily review your growth tactics and discover what’s working for you in a single glance. Check out reach, views, clicks, reactions, shares and more for a full picture of your content’s performance.


Improved Analytics for Posts 


Improved Analytics for Videos


With millions of people at home scrolling social media right now, we knew the best way to support you was to get your content published over on Facebook too.

Mobile usage is up approximately 20% worldwide

Facebook engagement is DOUBLE what it was this time last year, with over 14 billion posts engaged with

Engagement for Facebook pages is up more than 70% vs this time last year

Facebook Autoposting and Plann


Who is Facebook Autoposting available to?

Facebook Autoposting is available on the desktop to all of our paid Plann’rs right now. 
At no extra cost, we’ve automatically added the new social media platform to your Plann workspace – if you’re a paying member, you’re ready to go! 

How many Facebook pages can I add?

For each Instagram account you pay for in your plan, you’ll now have an additional spot to add a Facebook Page, at no extra cost!
You’ll discover now that our paid plans don’t just reference Instagram accounts, from now on we’ll reference both Instagram + Facebook as a package deal.


How do I connect my Facebook page?

The easiest way is to open your workspace menu and select ‘ADD FACEBOOK’.
You’ll be asked to authenticate your Facebook details before being shown a list of your pages, where you can select which one(s) you’d like to connect! 


Connect Facebook


What types of posts are supported by Plann Facebook Autoposting?

You can schedule any of these types of posts, and we’ll automatically send them to your Facebook page without you having to do a thing.

Text Post (a caption you’ve created with no image)

Single Post (a single image with a caption)

Carousel Post (multiple images with a single caption)

Video Post (singular video posts)

Can I create a unique Facebook strategy, that’s separate from Instagram?

Yes, you can!

We know brands can have completely different strategies across social media platforms, so we’ve made it easy to split your Instagram and Facebook strategies to be different.

In true Plann style, we’ve made sure it’s as visual as possible.

Facebook Strategy


Can I auto-post to Instagram?

For now, Plann only supports automatic posting on Facebook.


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We’re incredibly grateful for your support of our small, passionate team.

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