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New Media Manager upgrades: Tag + Favorite + Add Notes!

Plann Social Media Manager Media Collections

The Best Way To Organize, Categorize and Manage ALL of Your Marketing Content!


Plann’s new Media Management upgrade includes three brand new ways designed to help you organize, categorize, and find everything you’ve ever added to Plann!

The easiest way to keep everything together, where everyone can find them again!

We’ve added:

1) New tagging, categorizing, and favoriting albums.

Upload, organize, and arrange all of your media so you always know where it is.

Now choose to tag media collections by content themes, color themes, dates or social media platforms.
Organize your content so you, or your team, can always find it when you need it!



2) Add notes to entire collections

An easy way to record special details about a media collection you’d hate to forget.

Add location notes, suppliers, friends or collaborators you’re working with into your collection notes and when you choose to create a post,
we’ll remind you in your caption what you wanted to say or who you wanted to include.

For example:

Tag, Favorite and organize Plann Media Collections

3) New ‘Published’ collection so you’ll always have access to past content

Publish content from Plann, and we’ll save your work into a new ‘Published’ folder, neatly tucked away at the very bottom of all of your media collections.
A great way to reshare or re-purpose great performing content again!


Next level organization is available now when visiting your content Media Manager!

Watch this video walkthrough with our superstar Ashley from Plann if you’d like a hand getting started on:

– How to add custom tags to custom collections
– How to add notes to your media collections
– How to star media collections

Consider all of the different ways to organize your media collections i.e. by name of content, content pillar, or by social platform, events, dates or even your color palettes!

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Christy Laurence
Plann Founder


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