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Media Collections Now Available in Plann App

Media Collections Now Available in Plann App!

All of your media on the go, easily find all of your Plann media collections across all platforms!

There’s nothing worse than uploading content, or favoriting a photo to post on social media and never being able to remember where to find it. Eugh.
OR, have you already created an incredibly organized content system on your Plann desktop and want access to everything while you’re out on the run?

Plann is the easiest way to keep all of your content together for stress-free social media posting, anywhere, anytime.
Update your Plann app now to find your Media Collections synced across all of your devices, teams and computers, available now. (Available on iOS, Android coming soon.)


How to Access your Media Collections in Plann App

1) When choosing to upload images, now access your media collections too.

Built a strong strategy, or color system and organized them into media collections?
Easily search your pre-made collections so your posting strategy is always intentional, easy,- and fast.


2) Manage and Organize Your Media from Plann App


Preview, organize and add to your Plann media collections by tapping into the Plann menu.
Here you’ll be able to access your images, videos and draft content across all devices!

Haven’t made your first media collection yet? 
Upload images and videos, or create draft posts into your collections for easy finding later!


Watch this video tutorial with our superstar Ashley from Plann for a full walk-through of how it works

Different ways our talented Plann’rs organize their media collections:

– Content themes (i.e. Behind the scenes, education, Inspiration)
– Events
– Locations
– Dates
– Color themes
– Platform specific (i.e. Instagram Stories, or Facebook)
– Niche’s of businesses or people
– Sales Imagery
– Product images
– Evergreen Content (items you’d like to republish on other social platforms)
– Drafts


3) Draft Captions to Save and Publish later

Forget that notes app, or kicking yourself for forgetting that witty caption you came up with earlier, store your thoughts, drafts and jokes inside a media collection.
Simply open your media collections, add a caption to an image, save it as a draft, and come back to it later.


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Plann Founder

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