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Elevating Team Collaboration with Team Timezones

Are you working with a global team, virtual assistant or planning to bring on someone in the future to help with your social media presence who isn’t in your own timezone? You’ll love this!

We’re delighted to introduce our latest ‘Team Timezone’ feature at Plann.

It’s perfect for teams working together across different time zones and collaborating on social media management, saving you even more time with seamless teamwork!

🌍 Elevating Team Collaboration 🌏

Collaboration is the cornerstone of success for social media teams, and this latest ‘Team Timezone’ is here to help boost your productivity. Remember this?
You: Let’s schedule this post for 9am
Team: Wait, 9am your time zone or mine?
You: Let’s make it 9am, PST
Team: Ok, I think that’s 7am my time, let me check…

Ugh…We’re thrilled that this isn’t going to be an issue for you (or us!) ever again.

 ⏰ How to Set a Team Timezone For Your Brand

Setting a ‘Team Timezone’ makes sure that everyone within your brand operates in the same unified time zone, removing any confusion and ensuring that content is consistently published at the best times.

How to – Step by Step:
– Visit your Plann settings page.
– Choose the timezone you’d like your brand to operate in
– Plann will update to operate in the timezone you’ve selected
– Let your team know so they’re not surprised 🙂

What happens next:

Regardless of where team members are located, they can efficiently collaborate, share ideas, and strategize for maximum engagement in your chosen timezone.

You’ll be reminded when you’re creating a post what timezone you’re working in, and this will happen for everyone within your brand, whether using Plann desktop or Plann App.

What Happens If I Have Multiple Brands Inside Plann?

No problem!

If you’ve got a workspace with a number of brands, you can choose a timezone for each separate brand. Even if you have different team members working on different brands, the times will sync for each brand + team member.

For example, if you’re a global social media agency, you can choose to operate each ‘brand’ you manage in the timezone of your client, OR, where their audience is located.

The team members working on these projects will see their timezones update as they move across brands.

What Happens If I Have Posts Scheduled and then Update my Timezone?

All scheduled posts will adjust to the selected or updated timezone.

For example, it’s 9am Manila time and I have a scheduled post an hour from now, at 10am.

If I then changed my team timezone to Sydney, Australia, the scheduled post would become 1pm, still an hour from now, but now updated to Sydney Australia time, because of the timezone change.

This timezone change doesn’t just cover your scheduled posts, it also includes previously posted content, analytics, or any reference inside Plann to time will change to the current brand timezone.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

‘Team Timezone’ is not limited to using Plann Desktop! It’s fully integrated into our mobile app!

Now, team members can manage and schedule social media posts with precision from their smartphones and tablets, ensuring that you all stay on track – wherever anyone in the team is.

As a reminder, Plann syncs in Real-time across devices ensures that all team members have access to the latest schedule changes, edits, and updates – eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication.

Available for everyone at Plann!

Yes, this feature is available for everyone at Plann – head into your settings page if you’d like to update or change the timezone you’re working in!

P.S. Don’t forget to let your team know 🙂 

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