Instagram Threads – The Snapchat Killer

Unconfirmed reports say that Instagram will be releasing a new messaging app that is designed to compete with Snapchat. Here’s what we know so far.

Instagram has refused to confirm rumours that a new messaging app called ‘Threads’ is in the works. The Verge has reported that the app is being developed as a joint effort between Instagram and the Facebook Messenger team. This is likely part of the increased cooperation which is now reportedly the new norm at Facebook/Instagram.

So what will it do? Well, it’s not a clunky external app and it appears to be part of the existing Instagram ecosystem, except you’ll be sharing everything with whatever friends you select.

  • Where you are
  • What you’re doing
  • How fast you’re going (seriously)
  • Battery life…for some reason
  • Images (duh)

Like a person to person sharing tool.

You know. Snapchat.

With Instagram being Facebook’s new cash cow, this approach makes perfect sense. Nobody cared a few years ago when Snapchat was gobbling up poor teenager.

But then little scallywags went and got jobs and now their clicks are worth advertising dollars.

The Speedy Instagram Cheat Sheet

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Instagram’s issue has always been overcoming Snapchat’s ‘cool factor,’ but a tool like this has the potential to keep users on Instagram and bring some back, not because it’s cooler but because it’s better and easier.

Choose your friends and what you want to share and start sharing.

Now let’s all cross our fingers and toes that this is a real thing.