How To Become An Instagram Travel Influencer

Ever wanted to be an Instagram travel influencer? Eryn Krouse, traveller extrodinaire, shares her insights on what it takes to have a dream job.

We have all been there, scrolling through the accounts of our favourite Instagram travel influencers. Is it as fancy as it looks? How do you get there? And what does a normal day look like for an Instagram travel influencer?

We had a yarn with Eryn Krouse for some incredible insights! She is based in vibrant Los Angeles and manages both university and globetrotting around the world! WOW!

Keep on reading for the full interview…


Instagram travel influencer

You have some flipp’n amazing underwater photos, how do you take them in such a high quality?

Thank you! I’ve been fortunate to work with very talented photographers who are able to do such a beautiful moment justice. If I’m not shooting with a professional, then I use my GoPro Hero 6, which I absolutely love.


Do you use the camera timer, or do you usually have someone taking the pictures for you?

I have actually never used the camera timer- I always have someone take the picture for me. Maybe I should try it though!


The Ultimate Strategy Guide
The Ultimate Strategy Guide

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As an Instagram travel influencer, how do you overcome the struggles of balancing travel, life and university?

It’s been a difficult 4 years of balancing travel, life, and university. But I am happy to say that I am graduating in a week, which means I must have made it work somehow. I would usually wait to travel until breaks from school (summer, winter, and spring break) and then go all out with travel then. If I was booked for a travel job during the school year, I allowed myself to miss up to 1 week per quarter. It also helps that I’m pretty good at staying on top of school work and keeping important dates organized.


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We absolutely LOVE that you’ve been using Plann to style and grow your Instagram. What is your favourite feature of the app that you can’t live without?

I love that I can see how my feed will look like and plan captions ahead of time.


What are your top 3 tips to all the rest of us who would LOVE to become an Instagram travel influencer. Where do we start?

My first tip is to travel to as many places as you can and take photos while doing it! My second tip is to be authentic and true to yourself rather than copy photos already out there, and my third tip is to be as consistent as possible when posting on Instagram and stories.


What is the one thing you wish you knew *before* you became an Instagram travel influencer?

I wish I knew how to write business/professional emails and how to put together a media kit with rates.

What obsessive tendencies do you have when you organise your gallery or upload a post?

I make sure that I’m not doing a similar pose in the photos before and I like to make the colors of each photo blend well together. I’m also super obsessive with how my captions look with spacing and such.

What is your favourite Plann filter?

I like the “dynamic” filter.

PSST –> Here are more tips on how to edit pics for the perfect Instagram travel account

How many photos do you take on a daily basis? Does it ever stress you to always have to think about “capturing the moment”?

I don’t usually take photos on a daily basis- it definitely depends on if I’m traveling or in school. When I’m at school, I take photos maybe once a week. This is depending on if I’m able to meet up with a photographer or not and if it goes with my school schedule. If I’m traveling, I take photos every day. It definitely stresses me out when I think about capturing the moment, especially if I’m vlogging. But if that happens, I just remind myself to have fun with it.

What are the most common mistakes you have noticed people do when they take photos/create content?

A crooked horizon line is one of my biggest pet peeves and is a common mistake that I notice.


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