Instagram Is Introducing Long-Form Videos: Our Predictions

At Plann HQ, we’ve had a big discussion around this soon-to-be-released video length update and we’ve made a few bold predictions. Read more to find out our thoughts and predictions….

If you love YouTube, you might also love the introduction of Instagram long-form videos!

Otherwise known as IGTV.

At Plann HQ we had a big discussion around this soon-to-be-released video length update and we’ve made a few predictions.

Instagram long-form videos


But first of all – what exactly are Instagram long-form videos? According to leaked news revealed to TechCrunch, here is exactly what we can expect when Instagram introduces long-form videos to the platform.

FORMAT: Instagram will soon let users upload 4k, full-screen, vertically oriented videos ranging from ‘much longer’ than the current 60-second limit.

There are whispers that the new Instagram video length limit will be 1-hour.

UPDATE: IGTV has officially launched and the video length limit is 10 minutes.

DESTINATION: Videos will be hosted in a centralized hub featuring curated sections of popular videos. Users have the option to continue watching videos that they may have paused – just like on YouTube.

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EXTERNAL LINKS: Instagram is said to be offering video creators that ability to include a ‘swipe-up’ link so that they can drive traffic to external links like other social media accounts they have, e-commerce stores or their blogs.

MONETIZATION: It is speculated that Instagram is planning on letting video creators earn money off their long videos. How Instagram is exactly planning on doing this hasn’t been released (yet!).


Christy: “Ahh! An hour? Wow! People visit platforms for different things. In the world of Social Media we all need to accept that everything is always changing. I’m interested to see if they can change the habits of the world to visit Instagram over YouTube, or how they work out how to differentiate themselves!”

Asa: “I think most videos that will be shared are going to be 10-15 minute tutorials and YouTube creators are really going to enjoy it.”

Tim: “There will be heaps of sports videos from live and high-profile events. I also think this is a great way for Instagram to compete with YouTube. I also think that the monetisation element will increase the amount of ads that we are seeing on Instagram.”

Nicolas: “Croissant” (Nicolas is French)

Malik: “There’s just going to be longer content; I don’t think people will necessarily use the whole hour length, but there will definitely be an increase in tutorials and sports highlights. With the average attention span that people have now, I don’t feel as though there are going to be people creating full hour-long videos for Instagram.”

Mackayla: “I think it’s going to take a while for Instagram long-form videos to really ‘take off’ but I do think that if they introduce monetization for creators, this could be a driver to get some YouTubers to move to Instagram to increase their revenue streams.”

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Are you excited for the new addition of Instagram long-form videos. Or are you skeptical of how useful they are actually going to be?

As you can see from our Plann HQ predictions, we’ve been thinking long and hard about this new addition to Instagram.

Looking forward to seeing what happens after long-form video is introduced to the app and everyone starts to try this out on their own Instagram accounts? We sure are!.

Will it be a success? Will Instagram start to rival YouTube? Oh we could daydream about the possible outcomes all day!

Seems like Instagram will continue to come up with new ideas on how they can grow. We don’t expect long-form video to be the last major Instagram update for 2018.

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